"Best tile" work on commission?

debrak_2008August 8, 2012

Know there's alot of tile talk here. Does anyone know if the salespersons at Besttile work on commission?

There is a talented salesperson there who helped us alot with our bathroom and we purchased most of the tile there. Now I went back about our kitchen and she helped me again. Problem is the tile she recommended and I liked the best, is also available on line from HD at a much lower cost.

If she would lose out on commission I would like to give her a thank you gift, like a small gift card.

What do you think?

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I just purchased tile from Best Tile and my salesperson told me that they do NOT work on commission.

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Did you give them the chance to match the price, or at least come close?

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I second what catbuilder asked (we cat-people must think alike!).

We had found our bathroom tile at a local place, while working with someone we'd worked with before on another bathroom. The mosaic tile we liked, came from a large, national company, which happens to have showrooms not far from us. I called the (closest) showroom, at the suggestion of our salesperson, to find out if they had grouted sample boards of the mosaic tile, or even pictures, showing how it looked grouted (the sample board at the local store, supplied by the large company, was not grouted, and given that this was not an inexpensive mosaic, we wanted to be really sure we liked how it looked grouted).

I told the person at the showroom, right up front during my initial phone call, that the local place had "sent" us there. I ended up being quoted a much lower, discounted price (than the discount we'd have gotten from the local place). I also told him, that we did have to give the first store the opportunity to match the price he had quoted. To our, and his surprise, they agreed to match the price (as well as on the field tile, which we found while we were at the large showroom).

So, it always pays to ask--the worst they could say is "no" and sometimes you could be pleasantly surprised, as we were!

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Yes I will ask them to match the price. For our master bath we ordered the wall and floor tile from them. We also wanted some glass mosaic tile. Told the salesperson about some we found on line. She said to buy it because theirs was much more expensive.

So I will ask but don't expect them to price match. It will be over $100 difference.

Thanks for the responses. I will let you know what happens.

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For $100 I would definitely give the business to the first place. Since you were so happy with their help, and benefited from it, surely they deserve some compensation?

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