Using wireless for Winme--

fredda5018March 13, 2013

I have an old computer with Winme installed. I can still use it using dialup. Has anyone tried using a wireless usb adaptor to get online? Would be using neighbors connection(with permission) to do this. I am using this setup on another computer, xp pro, and it works fine. Any opinions/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, fredda

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Its possible, but why on earth would you want to??? WinME is no longer supported..the link is for a Robotics adapter, but the same procedure would undoubtedly apply to other makes..Its important to follow step by step

Here is a link that might be useful: WinME robotics wireless usb adapter

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Try it, that'll answer the question. Do you have the installation CD (that has the drivers)?

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Whatever adapter you choose has to be compatible with WinME. Good luck with that.

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Thanks for the comments. Appreciate them. Ill let yas know if I try it and the result.

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