My HP Mini has died. Can it be resusciated?

gogwmosMarch 5, 2012

I purchased a refurbished Dell laptop to replacce my Mini, but it had a few minor problems within the 30 day warrantee. I shipped it back but I don't know how long it will take to get back to me, so I tried booting the old Mini up.

It keeps opening the MS window then goes straight to the b/w page that has Safety mode and the other options on it. I have tried clicking on all the buttons but nothing gets me off that page.

I did unplug and replug the modem, but still nothing. Any ideas?

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That is an Operating System or hardware problem, not a modem/router problem. When you say that you couldn't click any of the buttons, does that mean that the mouse and/or mouse pad doesn't work? If so, it's possible that the mouse is not enabled at that point in the boot-up, or the driver is missing/corrupted. In some systems the mouse may not be operable at that stage and you need to navigate with the arrow keys and the Enter key. My only other suggestion is to use a Restore Disk, if you made one, or to reinstall the Operating System if you have that disk.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I think all the netbooks came with a restore partition you should look up how to restore from the recovery partition on the mini.

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Hi gogwmos,

See link for HP Recovery Information:


Here is a link that might be useful: HP Recovery Information

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I found this message from an HP employee on a forum where they were asking how to recover a HP mini it may be of help to you.

"F11 does not function on the HP Mini as there is no recovery partition.

The unit includes an Operating System DVD and an application/Driver disc. The HP Mini 1000 is unique to consumer HP models, as most other HP consumer notebooks do not include discs and do have F11 function.

If these were not included in the box please contact support.

For my purposes, I have an external optical drive but I also use Symantec ghost 11. This allows you to create a bootable Ghost thumbdrive.

Ghost also allows you to back the image up to a thumbdrive or external USB hard drive.

I have images of HP MI, XP, and Win7 and can easily switch back and forth with Ghost, without requiring an optical drive any longer.

Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.
Message Edited by Bryan_N on 02-08-2009 12:33 AM
I am an HP employee "

so it appears that some of the HP minis did not have a recovery partition but did come with 2 discs to use for recovery.

This is the link to that forum discussion
HP Mini

however it sounds like there are several versions of the HP mini so not knowing which you have this may not apply if you do not have this version.

what is your version and OS?

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I don't know if I have a different HP mini than the poster, but my mini is unable to take a dvd- there is not a slot. It did not come with any software/dvd. I thought they were all alike, because I did want one that could use dvd and HP told me none did....??

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

There should be a label /tag on it with your model number. Is it xp or 7 starter?

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ilmbg..if you read Raven' post again you will see " For my purposes, I have an external optical drive ". Which means she purchased seperately an external usb plug-in DVD drive...As did I...I also went back to HP and ordered a set of Restore DVDs...But it sounds like the orignal posters harddrive is going or gone

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ok- I guess I am just not understanding correctly-
To me, the original poster did not mention an external- it was raven who was quoting/talking about a different person who used one.....
my bad...

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

we do not know if the original poster has a mini that has a dvd drive since we do not know which model they have, I am personally not that familiar with the mini but know that most netbooks did not come with any type of cd or dvd drives in them they were just too small, so to use one you would need an external one as that person Bryan did. I also have an external usb drive I use for my acer netbook.

The question is whether or not the OPs mini is one that has an onboard partition that contains a recovery partition that could be used to reinstall the operating system or if it came with the dvd. My guess is that it does have the partition and the F11 method may work but till we get the model/version of it and which OS it has on it no way to look it up and find out.

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The thing is, if the HD is going, there is little if anything one can do..the partition, if there is one would be useless...I think HP charges something like $40 for the restore CD/DVD..Once you have that an an external optical drive you are good to go and it doesnt matter how many times the HD crashes

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ilmbg and ravencajun-
I don't think any of the HP minis have an internal drive; they only have USB slots that you can hook up an external or flash drive to.

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OP is gone. but also imprecise.
i think this is the screen where OP's PC gets stuck.
I don't know about win7, but in vista and earlier, mouse isn't enabled yet, so "click" is misleading term. I guess nothing happens when press Enter key for all selected lines.
If OP were more adventurous, they would find a
rescue CD, DVD, liveusb, usb boot
this may seem attractive. i don't think hp updates it.
also other people make "distros" for minis

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