Bathroom Speaker Grilles - to Paint or Not to Paint

KevinMPAugust 4, 2012

I installed in-wall speakers in my bathroom last week, and I am now left with the decision about painting. Do you think I should paint my the speaker grilles the wall color, or leave them as is--a color that nearly matches the trim and ceiling color?

I'm inclined to leave them as is. I think painting them will only draw attention to them more.

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Those are large wall speakers and appear even larger in a "small" bathroom. I don't spend so much time in a bathroom that I would need built in speakers and I wouldn't be able to hear them over the hairdryer noise!!

I would paint them to match the wall color. Paint both the trim piece and the grill/mesh. Use a toothpick between coats to keep the mesh holes open. Several thin layers works better than one thich one. Our local TrueValue hardware will take any color you want and place it in a spray can, if you prefer spraying instead of brushing.

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They wouldn't bother me unpainted. They're placed symmetrically, and they look fine. You can't really hide them by painting them blue, IMHO.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Paint them...I did and I'm very happy. However, you don't want to fill the holes and need to use very little paint. Best bet is to use very little paint and a small sponge to pounce the paint on (use a tapping motion on the screen) Do not paint up and down as the holes will catch the paint and fill up.

Painting them to match the wall will help them disappear.

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