lg lfx33975st fd refrig

doctheokieJuly 3, 2013

I've been researching alot and in my CR reports this LG refrig. with 32.5 cu ft seems to be rated highly.

I am looking for reviews on here to see how people like thiers any help would be appreciated.I've looked at 42 inch built ins but this has better usable cu ft.

Thank you in advance

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need opinions on LG FD bottom freezer refrigerators,any help will be appreciated greatly. I need to decide on appliance by monday so we can get cabinets started.

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I prefer the equivalent Samsung RF323TEDBSR,

The small difference in rated interior volume is likely due to calculating method rather than actual useable room.

I prefer the Samsung to LG French doors themselves.

Where LG doors join it is gasket on gasket. On Samsung there is hard plastic piece that joins a gasket on the other door. It seems to me the LG type will wear out quicker.

JD Power has Samsung top rated FD last five years. I prefer JD to CR.

Many LG appliances have a lot of positive reviews on dealer websites. And they are all exact same 2 dozen or so reviews. One LG front load washer has the same 196 reviews posted on LG own site as well as dealer sites.

Here is a link that might be useful: RF323TEDBSR for $2339 free ship

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Thanks deeageaux for the site and for the advice I will look at jd power maybe it can help me choose an oven and rangetop. The only thing I know for certain is the GE 240 advantium and fisher&paykel dish drawers.
To many appliances to decide from but need to decide to get cabinets started.

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I can help with oven and rangetop.

What size and budget?

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Don't really have a budget.
Rangetop looking for 36 in gas oven would like a single 30 in and want it to match GE monogram Advantium handles .

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Sorry meant a 36 inch gas rangetop and a 30 in electric oven .. This is going into a log cabin. Would you go ith a FD refigerator or a SXS 42 inch. If a SXS which would you recommend.

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GE Monogram Advantium has two handle options.
Tubular or Pro style. If you get the tubular you can match it with better ovens.

1) Gaggenau
2) Wolf L Series
3) Electrolux with tubular handle
4) Monogram with tubular handle

The Gaggenau has a side opening door so you don't have to reach over a hot oven door. No need to pull extension racks or risk burning under your arms reaching over hot oven door. Also has internal air catalyst which cleans air of grease and odor before exiting into your kitchen.

Ovens with pro style handle

1) Wolf E Series with pro style handle
2) Electrolux with pro style handle
3) Monogram with pro style handle.


1) Capital Culinarian
2) Bluestar RNB

Both powerful open burners that deliver a very even heat across the bottom of the pan without wasting a lot of heat going to the sides and around pans which is typical of sealed burners.

BS has a lower low while CC has a higher high. IMO the CC has better heat distribution and better fit and finish. BS fans will bitterly dispute that till hell freezes over then they will continue to argue the point at center ice.:)


Built-in vs Full Depth Free Standing.

IMO the major advantage of the full depth is that you can place 4 one gallon jugs vs typically 2 in a built-in. The full depth is a bigger box so it has more interior room but it has been my experience that the extra room is the Bermuda triangle of refrigeration. Specialty cheese and left-overs I forget until molded over and ready for trash. Built-ins are better organized and you can quickly see all contents with a quick scan after opening the refrigerator.

Plus the built-in looks sharp tucked into the cabinets and does not stick out into the walk way. Many people cheap out and buy counter depth free-standing fridges and then ignore install instructions and build cabinetry around the fridge to make it look built-it without space to allow adequate ventilation. Compressor works harder, makes more noise, consumes more energy, and dies an early death. Then they scream " they don't make'em like they used to."

FD vs SxS.

The big advantage of the SxS is if you want an ice dispenser the ice maker goes in the freezer where every appliance engineer with an IQ above 70 would put it.

Putting the ice maker in the refrigerator creates the issue of either ice is melting then freezing into a ball or the refrigerator is so cold items near the ice maker in the fridge start freezing.

The advantage of the FD is full size serving trays, large cakes, wide anything(Turkey, Pizza etc) short of the width of the fridge fits.

Kitchen Aid makes a 42" built-in French Door without ice dispenser btw.

If space and budget allowed I would buy that KA built-in FD and a separate under counter clear ice(restaurant quality) Hoshizaki ice maker, and I would custom panel it to match the surrounding cabinets.

Otherwise I would get a SxS with ice dispenser because my family is a full glass of ice with every drink type clan.

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MY DH is in the same clan uses ice for everything. The handles are the pro style on the advantium DH likes the look so if I went with a GE monogram oven that would look good together and I think GE ovens are reliable.(At least my profile electic range is) For the monograms the
# are ZSC2202NSS,ZET1PMSS.

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