Ready, Set, After Christmas Shopping!

nhardyDecember 27, 2010

So did you go out on the hunt for a great bargain after Christmas? What did you get, lights, ornaments, or table deco?

I picked up gift labels which I needed for next year. (Nothing else called to me, buy me, please buy me! Yes, I hear that little voice while I shop. The other voice is the voice of reason says to me, Do you realy need this?) I bought eleven ornaments before December this year & one on clearance last year. I'm always on the hunt for things with birds or acorns now.

What was calling to you, buy me??

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I will head out tomorrow as roads should be pretty clear. Down here in eastern NC we have to wait for mother nature to clear our roads - lol There is garland at BigLots that is calling me - they had a lot of it 2 days before Christmas and were closed yesterday due to snow. Our area is pretty rural so I think there will still be some left - if not then I wasn't meant to have it :) I may look for linens - I want some solid colored ones that I can embellish for gifts next year - I am determined this year to do some hand embrodiary on napkins, table runners, ect .....


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I wish I had the chance for something to 'Call To Me' ! lol
With the Blizzard we're having, the only thing calling my name is 'Jane - Stay Home'. I'll try to get out tomorrow to visit my DF..don't know if I'll be able to make it to any stores tho..
There was a time that nothing would stop me from going to the Day After sales..but then again, that's before I had so much. I'm like you now, more selective and not buying 'just to buy'.
Hope some others here find some good things to share with us.


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I only stopped at Michael's yesterday. They really had most of the shelves cleared of stuff and the rest was very picked over. I bought a pkg. of red cardstock paper--does that count? LOL

Instead of wanting to buy more, I'm really wanting to simplify and maybe get rid of some stuff. I didn't even put out all my Christmas stuff this year--and really didn't miss it! I think that tells me something, right? It's just so hard to pare down when Christmas things are so pretty and cute--or it's something a special someone gave you or something you made yourself, etc.

Our Tai Pan Trading is having 50% off Christmas stuff and they have really nice things--I might just go to look. LOL

Can't wait to see the bargains the rest of you find.


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Like Jane, I am snowed in. And like Luvs, I have to pare down and get rid of things. I brought a lot in to my dil and son Cmas Day, serving bowls and platters , all holiday themed. I don't need them, and they were brand new, so they might as well enjoy them! Boxes of new ornaments and decorations too! I won't miss them, and they have a 9 ft huge tree, so there's always a spot for ornaments

The 29th Lupus is coming to pick up for their charity, and I will have a few big bags waiting for them.
That being said, if I get out, I will look, even if I don't buy! You have to look!

Also, on the 23rd I was in Home Goods, and there was very little Cmas, but tons of Valentines things. WS and PBarn outlet, not much and not deeply discounted. Last year, the week before Christmas they had 70% off all holiday. This year, 25!

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Only by catalog. Improvements catalog ... my new addiction!

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I live 60 miles from shopping so unless there is alot left when I make it to town I won't be getting any good I don't think I really need anything either. Santa was pretty good to me and I need to find places to put all that away first.


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We were snowed in too the day after. I got out for 2 hrs today, had to leave before dark because the roads were going to be very icy, the store I was in closed because of the threating freeze. Maybe tomorrow...

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My daughter was out before 7am and said there was almost nothing in the stores she stopped in. Pennys, Macys, and Target. Usually makes in a haul in those, and finds stuff she knows I'd like too. There were so many sales before Christmas that it left little for after I guess. I heard Michaels discounted to 70% the week before! I didn't get to go as that was when Dad was in the hospital. Not that I need anything since I left a lot packed this year.
But I'm not ready to start getting rid of anything yet.
With the stress going on, I don't think its a good time to make decisions I might regret. When I unpack next year, I will decide then what I might want to let go.
I know each year means I can do less physically but I'm trying to ignore that fact as long as possible. LOL.
But I really should quit adding to my beloved collections and learn to say "enough". Sometimes I really wish I didn't LOVE Christmas decorations so darn much!

I sure hope some of you found s few good sales. Its too bad stores are ruining that After Christmas fun shopping day for so many. Of course I'm also not happy with their Christmas stuff out before Thanksgiving and sometimes even at Halloween. Drives me nuts, I like things as they "used to be". I don't do change well at times. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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I ran around a little on my lunch break yesterday, but there wasn't much left out there. The only place with a large selection was Hancock Fabrics, they have some really nice things and they were 70% off. I may run back today and pick up a couple of tall silver topiaries that keep calling my name. Like Luvs, I really need to thin out, which I don't mind doing, but I still can't stop looking at new things.

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It really riles me too that they don't do the deep discounts after Christmas, and that the Christmas stuff is up so early. I use to LOVE strolling the stores for bargains on the day after Christmas, but now I see that some of the stores (Target) don't even have 75% percent; it's still 50%. And just about everyone has Valentine stuff out now. Bah humbug! That's why I leave my stuff up until the MLK holiday.

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got the garland from BigLots that I wanted, some flameless candles, two table runners that can also be used other times of the year

at Walmart I got tissue paper in designs that will be good for decoupaging on styrofoam shapes for gifts for next year, tree skirts that can be embellished, a couple more acorn mercury ornaments (love them)

I managed NOT to go to Dollar Tree since I had already picked them over pretty good - NOW I have to find where to store it all - lol ......


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Yesterday, I went to Joann's, Home Depot, then back to Joann's. We decided that our tree needed more of the new green; hubby calls it grinch green, and gold, so we went last Wed. and got 36 big balls in those colors. Then yesterday, I got some more red, gold and white ornies, then went to HD, and realized that their items were much more reasonably priced, and got more red and gold, and a couple of glass or shatter proof garlands,(I can't tell the difference!) all MS, and since they had sold all of her glass ornament wreaths, proceeded to buy about 100 ornaments in mixed sizes in red, green, gold, silver and white, so I can make my OWN wreath. We both love Christmas, and although we already have 650 ornies on our tree, we feel the need for more! Who knows, we may be "committed" before we get to put them on next year!!! :-D On Thursday, the HD MS stuff will go from 50% to 75% off, so I may have to go back in. Shhh, don't tell anyone...........

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Karen, we need pics from you! Sounds like you and your DH really enjoy holiday decorating. Glad you found some good bargains too.


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Luvs, I have it posted on the hgtv site where I am also KarenMO, but I haven't figured out posting pics here. I have pics of all our decor, but maybe I'll figure it out soon. I guess I have to start with photobucket, which has never been very user friendly for me, but I'll keep working on it. Have a Blessed New Year.

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I got out yesterday with a good friend (another "enabler") & got some bargains...ornies at Target 50% off...which is ok by me...cause I buy some for next Christmas' exchanges. And a plaid cotton tablecloth...which will work for red t'scape, too!

Ohhh, the Christmas dishware killed me...cookie jars, platters, etc. etc. I love my Winterfrost Pfaltzgraf beautiful Christmas dishes so I left them alone...but had to go back later in the afternoon & buy 4 salad plates & 4 soup/cereal bowls...they were called "Birchwood Chalet" holiday 2010..spent $19. I'll post a link...loved them, of course, cause of the simplicity of pine branches & cones...yikes, I'm "jeannespines," remember! T'scape coming soon!

The reason I went bk was meanwhileb at another specialty store I found a beautiful cookie jar ... called Woolrich Winter White...the ladies booth had 50% off I bought it for $10...thought it would be WONDERFUL with the dishes at stopped & bought them. But I broke it as I had unloaded to the stairs & knocked over a wonderful "iron" angel I had bought for my gardens...needless to say, I now have a "bowl" ...not a cookie jar! I wanted to cry!

So, that was my after Christmas shopping...exchanged a few things...DH got me new flatware & used it on Christmas & it spottted & changed color in dishwasher (altho said dishwasher safe)...they took it back, no problem & I picked out an Oneida Portfolio "Tortola." ... washed a place setting last night in dishwasher & came out fine....

Ok, I'm rattling on too much...been w/o good Internet contact over the is fixed by Qwest & phone lines, too! Happy New Year! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Target Birchwood Chalet

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Jeanne (I think) posted a link to Tiny Pics and even I could follow it. If you can get it to the computer, the step by step will get it to GardenWeb.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tiny Pic

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KarenMO, I'm so glad you found us...sounds like you belong here. LOL.
I sure hope you can post photos soon, we NEED to see! ;o)
Sorry Photobucket wasn't friendly for you to use, I absolutely love that place. Once I learned my way around it, their editing tools are so great. Its a good thing they don't limit how many albums I can have, LOL. I've gone crazy with pictures.

Jeanne, I love it when you 'rattle' on. Its almost as good as being able to talk in RL with you. I'm so sorry you broke the cookie jar. I'd have cried for sure. Sounds like you found lots of neat stuff.
I haven't been able to get out, but might be able to Friday as my granddaughter is coming over and hopefully can sit with Dad long enough for me to do something. I doubt anything will be left tho. I'd love to go to Big Lots and find the mercury acorns that I heard were there.
If I'd known, I'd have gone before Christmas to find them!

hugs, Karen

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Thanks, is the cookie jar on e-bay! Well, half of it is left...the bowl part! LOL! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Woolrich Winter White Deer Cookie Jar

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Oh nooooo, Jeanne. You mean the deer was shattered beyond repair? I am going to cry now!

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check out this fantastic repair makeover! I've got to keep this info and try it.

Here is a link that might be useful: new life to old nativity

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What you call "rattling on," I call excitement. I smiled through the who post.
Love the white cookie jar. I think that will be my focus for this year. White. My eye on white for New Year's 2011. I already started today; two sweet snowmen.

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Jeanne, I love it when you tell us all about your shopping trips and finds--not rattling on at all. I'm so sorry about the cookie jar getting broken. It is very pretty and "classic" looking. Those new plates were made especially for you too--just perfect.

Karen, I hope you do get a chance to get out awhile even if all the best stuff is gone--I'm sure something is waiting especially for you. ;o)


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Thanks, gals, for your comments ... yup, Karen, the deer did shatter! (& I did almost cry...I was mad at myself for sitting it on the step!) DH knew I felt so bad he cleaned up the tons of pcs (ceramic). Here's the angel that knocked it over...she's cast iron & I love her yesterday 50% at specialty shop...she'll be able to go in my gardens but right now she'll be Winter decor:

Isn't she lovely! Kind of a off white/creamy color. Here's a close-up...she's about 12" tall:

Maybe I'll come across another deer cookie jar! Jeanne S.

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Love them! As for the cookie jar; that angel is so sweet and beautiful, that all has to be forgiven.
And ... the bowl half will look beautiful filled with evergreen and berry branches. I'm seeing a tablescape built around it! ;)

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