Honed travertine in shower?

greenacresladyAugust 19, 2011

Have any of you used honed travertine on your shower walls, and if so are you satisfied with it? We had selected polished travertine for the shower walls and matching honed travertine for the bathroom floors. I've learned that the supplier only has enough polished to do half of the shower, so rather than do half polished and half honed in the shower, the contractor suggests switching to all honed travertine. I'm aware of the issues with upkeep, maintenance, sealing etc with travertine, but don't know if honed will hold up for shower walls as well as polished would (in my mind anyway).

Thanks for any input. We're needing to make a quick decision, as the demo is scheduled to start next week. I've been a member of one of the gardening forums here for a long time, and happened to come across the home side, and have been lurking for a while and gathering some great ideas.

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Avanti Tile & Stone (Stonetech)

As you said, you are aware of the upkeep, maintenance and sealing. That's the long and the short of it.

Yes, it's a bit more to keep up, but no reason why not to use it.

It should look good for years IF you do two things....Use only a liquid soap for bathing. Bar soap (with the exception of Dove) uses animal fat as a filler and binder. That's what produces the scum. Second, take a minute to dry the tile after using it. Only takes a minute and is well worth the effort.

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Uh, how about finding another supplier. I personally would not use honed in a wet environment, I would use polished or one of the many porcelains that mimic travertine amazingly these days. Do not accept suggestions from contractor based on their limitations, especially those that needlessly sacrifice your wishes in your design. Lots of places to buy tile from these days so if you want polished, get polished.

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Thank you for your replies lazarususa and golfschnell. The supplier is a long-established and reputable local building supply company, and they are assuring us the honed will perform fine on shower walls. They have a sample shower in their showroom that is done in honed travertine. The reason for the short supply on polished in our case is that we selected one that is on close-out, and once the stock is depleted there is no more. We do already use liquid soap (have for years and noticed after switching from bar soap that there is much less build-up of soap scum).

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I have a limestone full shower. it was sealed very well and has performed nicely. I find the floor to get the orange stain from the well water but nowhere else. It is basically little maintenance. I have never had mold grow anywhere. My shower always dries out as I have an opening at top of door. I used a special cleaner on the floor and a scrub brush. It is beautiful!

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Peytonroad, your shower is gorgeous! Thank you for your input and for sharing your photos. We are on well water also, and have had the same orange stain you mentioned. It's good to know that you've never had a mold problem. Our shower is also open at the top so it dries out well. We're considering a french-door style shower door that opens both ways, so we can leave one or both doors open to speed up the drying time if we need to.

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we just had tons of travertine put in our bath. In addition to the fully honed travertine floor we also have it on the floor in the shower and now are probably going to put it on the vanity tops too. Can you say which "special cleaner" you use on your shower to clean and protect it? Your shower is gorgeous! I wish mine looked as good! Great job.

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I use simple green stone cleaner but lately, as novelty has worn off, used Fabuloso with NO problems. I will look for any thing in grocery store that says stone cleaner. JUst don't use bleach! I put on originally 6 coats of sealer prior to use.

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peytonroad, which sealer did you use on this beautiful shower? Were 6 coats recommended by the sealer manufacturer, or was that your own choice? Thanks!

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