Toto Promenade vs. Carusoe??

cottagecindyAugust 1, 2012

Anyone debated between the 2? I read only the Promenade has the universal seat height--is it that much of a difference ? and (dumb question )..but how stupid does it look when a towel hangs with it barely touching the toilet lid? The towel bar is already quite high, -plaster walls so a mess to re-do, and I know the Promenade is a tall toilet......

one is very modern looking -yes? and the other is old-fashioned looking? (I look at pics online. My bath is very Very small, and OLD cottage with pedestal sink.

ad needs to be round seat.

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and is it worth it getting the sani-gloss finish?

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ok, sorry,... one more note-
my hubby clogs the one now regularly and it is noisy :(

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Sanigloss is worth it.
Other than that, I can't answer your questions. We have a toto drake II, ada height, and it works great, even with a previous occasional clogger here... We also cut our water bill down by a 1/3.

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