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MichelleDTJuly 11, 2012

We have come full circle and back to BS after almost ordering a Lacanche. I have seen several comments regarding regret over the BS griddle. Can you provide more information? We finalized our layout to include a 36" 6 burner, 24" grill and 24" griddle companion ranges rather than a 60" with 6 burners, griddle and grill.

Why would you not purchase the griddle again?

Thanks Ladies & Gents.


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I don't know about the others, but I'm quite liking our griddle. It's great for cooking scrambled eggs, pancakes, and burgers. Cleaning up is super easy too. Scrape, dump, and add a little bit of oil.

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Thanks....the local BS rep was leaning heavily toward the griddle over the grill. I see far more raves for the grill than the griddle so just wondering why BS owners prefer the grill over the griddle....maybe it is just a space issue and not really related to the griddle.



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My guess is that depends on the type of cooking you do more often. I know some people that do a lot of grilling (on a BBQ), than traditional cooking. I, on the other hand, have never really been a fan of grilling.

As they say, different strokes for different folks.

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Probably because the griddle adds a warming zone, and can perform somewhat like a french top

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We are in the process of getting a 36" BS rangetop and we are on the fence about either 6 burners or 4 with the griddle. My DW and I keep going back and forth and just can't really decide what the best option is for us. Through my searches I have not heard anything bad about the griddle on the BS, it really comes down to if you will use it or not at least from what I can tell.

Good luck in your search.

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We were considering the 36" BS rangetop with optional grill, and if I were still in the market for gas, this is what I would buy. A griddle can be put on top of any two of the burners but you still have the use of the burners alone if you choose. We did this with our previous gas range. Nothing substitutes for a grill.


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Agreed, burners can be turned into a griddle but nothing can be turned into a grill. Due to the size limits I can only get roughly 30-40% more food on my built in griddle than a standard single burner grill pan. You just can load the griddle up that much because of the walls, trap etc. And since you can just toss a griddle pan in the sink I find the griddle worthless. A grill on the other hand is indispensable. I use it at least every other day, I only wish I had gone for a 24" grill instead of a 12" grill/12" griddle.

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