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urleeMarch 12, 2013

I am running Windows XP Professional service pack 3.

I do not know what info I have to know to put here other than that to help with this question?

I just purchased a NICE USB Card Reader which calls for an update driver to WinXP in order for it to read exFat files on my Windows XP desktop computer.
I found where to get the driver BUT------- if I DL it, will it screw up my computer to not read the memory cards that I have been reading now, that are not "exFats"?

Here is a link that might be useful: explains some of

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I'll start by saying - I have no specific experience with this.

Does the card reader read cards now, without doing this step? What size cards and what size files do you want to use?

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Hi snidely,
Yes the card reader reads ALL my cards in my Win7 Laptop including the exFat.
With my windows XP, It reads all except the exFat one which I bought for and works in my Tablet that is 64GB.
The reason for wanting it to work in My WinXP is so I can put what I put on it from my tablet, into my windows XP. The booklet that came with the Reader said Windows XP needs the KB955704 update for it to work.
I shall do some more investigating before I go ahead and DL it.

I was wondering too if NTFS file system enters into the picture in anyway? My XP is NTFS file system. Maybe that has nothing to do with what cards are read?

OK----I just found out the two Micro cards that work are Fat 32's.
The Micro 64GB shows up as RAW!
I did read an article about that which I will look up again.

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exFAT, FAT32, NTFS, are different systems that do the same thing, they specify data structure and organization at the device level. On a disk drive, on a CD, on a card, etc.

Drivers are translators and facilitators for things that talk different languages - a device driver is the intermediary between a PC and an attached "something else".

So, to connect a new something else (a card with a file structure that didn't exist when XP was released), you need a new driver. That shouldn't affect anything else, But make sure you have a recent restore point to back up to, just in case.

Two alternatives that don't require driver changes:

1) Copy the files (temporarily) to a new folder on the Win 7 machine. Then use a smaller card that both PCs can read as a bucket to carry from one to the other. With a 32 GB card, just two steps, with 16, just four, if the 64 GB card is full.

2) Move them over a network connection. That could be slow depending how much you have, maybe several hours or overnight.

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Thanks for all the info setting me straight and for what can be done.

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