vanity lights -- shine upwards or downwards?

awm03August 31, 2012

Currently, we have a 3-light fixture that shines downwards on a mirror in a small powder room. The light I'm thinking of getting is only 2 lights, which is okay for the small room, but also points upwards, which may not be okay. Does anybody have an upward-pointing vanity light over a mirror? Is the mirror too dark for your liking because the light doesn't shine directly on it?

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I like mine open downward - easier to change bulbs AND bugs don't fall in and die in the globe area.

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Two very good points. Thanks, desertsteph!

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I have one bathroom a 3 light fixture mounted open end up. It could go either way I just preferred it up to take up some wall space rather than downward in front of the mirror. The shades are frosted glass so plenty of light, no weird shadows, not any more complicated to change the bulb, and I like that I don't see the bulbs. Just personal preference I think.

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I agree with island above--it really comes down to personal preference. I prefer mine to shine upwards because the heat that comes off regular bulbs is just too much when I'm getting ready. Ours shone down in the old house and up in the new house--what a difference! As you are talking about direction in a powder room, it likely won't make as big a difference, so I would point them in the direction that you like best.

As far as changing the bulb goes, I find there is less risk of dropping the bulb if the threads don't quite catch when the fixture is mounted shining upwards.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, mydreamhome, your experience is a big help.

I ended up buying a different fixture, a 2 light candle type with shades, so light will shine up AND down. 120 watts should be plenty for this room.

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Our vanity lights were just installed yesterday. We have two fixtures each with 3 lights pointing down. The lights are rated for 60 watt bulbs, which is what we put in. Love the light, but they do put off some heat! Today we purchased some 40 watt bulbs and will give those a try. I'm just grateful for having lights after 4+ months. Good luck!

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Yep, nhbaskets, I feel your pain, and joy!! Mine were finally installed last week, after 5 months! Today DH and friend put up the ceiling fan in our master.... All of this after paying many thousnds to GC's electrician! I have only undercabinet light in my kitchen, so I suppose they were waiting until they could make a BIG mess, instead of doing it while the house was VACANT!


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