Love your double oven slide-in range?

elizamammaJuly 29, 2013

We're in the beginning stages of an addition to our new home and I'm starting to search for appliances. My husband is a baker and often has a batch of cookies going while he's making dinner in the oven, so two ovens would be great. We'd prefer a range to a cooktop and aren't really interested in a big pro-style range, although I could be convinced in the $3000 range. I'd also prefer a double oven range to a wall oven, but could still be convinced. Yep, wishy washy here. Anyone have advice? Space isn't a particular issue.

Thank you!

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Personally if it were me and space wasn't an issue, I would do a range top and either a single or two single wall oven's. I would weight the cost of each of those in the style's you like as well as the cooking type, e.g. gas, electric, induction.

We personally went with a BlueStar rangetop (36") and a single 30" Wolf wall oven. Now those are considered by most a higher end, but there are many many options out there that can and will do the same things.

If you go with separate's it gives you the ability to get something you like for each rather than possibly sacrificing on anything. Most bakers tend to like electric oven's compared to gas, but not all. A lot of people prefer to cook with gas compared to electric, though induction is making a good run now.

I prefer two single oven's to one double as if one breaks you don't lose both in that case (Worst case scenario).

I would do some more research and post back some brands you like, some styles (models if possible) and what you would prefer (Gas, induction etc.) as well as a budget.

Best of luck,

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Ditto philwojo99.

If you buy a range, you get a "Compromise" between the burners and the oven, and if you go Dual fuel range, (gas burners, electric oven), then you really pay a premium, and still may not get the performance that you would with a single wall oven, especially cookie baking.

We usta have a range, we were always asking, "Stand aside" whilst I get into the oven, or "Are you about done with the oven, I need to stir that which is on the burners".
If there are 2 or more cooks, as is our case, You just can't beat a cook top and a separate oven, (Not mounted under the cook top, but mounted to the side of the cook top as ours is , or wall mounted.

That way you can choose the features you want for both the cook top and the oven, (Not some designers idea of what is best for you)!


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I have an Electrolux slide-in induction range, and I love it! The second oven, though, is not really for hard-core baking. It's more like a warming drawer/somewhere to bake casseroles on Thanksgiving. Dirty little secret, mine is more of a storage drawer for pans.

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I have the GE Profile Double Oven range. I love having the convenience of a smaller oven to use for just the two of us and still have a larger oven to cook for the occasional crowd all in one standard range.

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