Anyone replaced a Bosch Evolution 700?

Cep55July 2, 2012

Hi, all -

I recently bought a home and have a ca. 2009 Bosch Evolution 700 dual fuel range. I don't care for it. (Ridiculously loud buzzing from the fan, which runs while oven is on, and usually runs for a while after it's off. Can be heard throughout the house and is loud enough to really interrupt meals!) The burners are powerful and quite good, but the oven control interface is counterintuitive and inefficient, and the oven seems to run a bit below set temp.

As a result, I want to replace it with a Capital Culinarian. The Bosch is 30" freestanding, and so is the Capital Culinarian. Which sounds simple, until I looked closely at my Bosch. The control panel part of it is actually wider than 30", and to make it fit flush with the quartz countertop in my kitchen, the bullnose was notched out a little wider and deeper. So, if I try to put in a regular 30" commercial-style freestanding range, I'm going to have about 1/2" notched out on each side of the range. And a new counterop isn't in my plans.

My question is, has anyone made this sort of replacement, and if so, what did you do? How did it look? (I'm told a stone fabricator could grind/round the notched edge a bit to make it look a little better, but I'm not sure how good/bad that would look).

I really appreciate any thoughts!


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If you're determined to replace the Bosch, I'm sure someone will be able to make the countertop look good.

An alternative is to fix the Bosch. I have that range. Loud buzzing (any buzzing) from the convection fan is a fault. Mine doesn't buzz at all. I can hear a small bit of fan noise in the kitchen when it's on, but it's mostly air moving noise. It's certainly not audible outside the kitchen.

The glass touch oven interface isn't as user-friendly as it could be, but how much interface do you need to an oven? Turn it on. Set the temp. Maybe, change the temp while cooking.

The Auto-convection mode takes into account the increased cooking efficiency of the convection and automatically sets the oven temp 25 degrees less than you asked for. I.e., you set the oven to 400 degrees and it automatically sets it to 375 degrees. For most people and recipes, that's about the right correction. You can turn off the auto correction if you want. Find a manual at the Bosch site to see how.

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