DishDrawer as a drying rack?

dton13July 9, 2012

Hey guys,

I have a question, which might seem stupid but here goes.

My family has never used a dishwasher, ever. We recently renovated and decided to get a DishDrawer with the intention of using it to as a drying rack when unused. However, we're finding that the water does not drain from the bottom when we leave dishes to dry inside. We've checked the filter and ran the garborator. We need to run a new cycle to clear the dirty/smelly water pooling inside. We didn't notice this happening when we first got the dishwasher, but its only about 2 months old!

Which brings me to my question, can you use the dishdrawer as a drying rack? When I look at the plumbing there's a loop which makes it seem physically impossible for the water to cross the loop without pressure from the cycle. I've always been under the assumption that you could use a dishwasher as a drying rack when it's not being used, but it doesn't seem like so.

Help? Thanks!

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You apparently have an installation problem with your DishDrawer. There shouldn't be any "dirty/smelly" water pooling in either the upper or lower drawer unless it's back-feeding from the sink or disposer. My unit is over 8 years old and I've *never* had water pooling in either drawer.

Any water dripping from wet dishes placed inside would accumulate and won't drain out unless the unit is run, but that'd be clean water and it wouldn't be much.

I'd recommend against using the unit as a "drying rack." I assume in doing that, you load wet dishes then close the drawer. There's no active airflow through the closed drawer, nothing to provide for evaporation and dispersal of the moisture, and no way to set it for a "dry only" cycle. Much more facilitating to simply place your wet items on a dishrack in your sink or on the countertop beside it.

I'm also not understanding why you'd buy a dishwasher and not use it for washing dishes. ?????

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Thanks for the response!

We don't typically use the dishwasher (only for large gatherings) but we do sometimes store large dinnerware to dry in it when our actual drying rack is full. But you're correct in that there's very little evaporation when its sealed shut.

I guess I was incorrectly under the assumption that a dishwasher would drain any water that pools up as the result of dishes drying in there. Although looking at the plumbing now, that looks impossible. I guess that's normal.

The smelly water seems like a bit of the disposal unit pushing back and we should get that looked at.

Thanks again

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Dishwashers do not drain via gravity. An electric pump runs for draining the wash and rinse water, and of course to spray water over the dishware (your unit takes approx 0.8 gal per fill) for washing and rinsing.

My strong recommendation is to USE the dishwasher. It's not providing any benefit to you sitting idle. The cost per load is quite low. You don't have to run it after every meal or even every day. I'm a single-person household. Not unusual that it takes two or three days to collect a full load (in one drawer) if I haven't done much cooking. The dishes wait patiently. And it's NOT necessary to rinse the items before loading. Dump and scrape off food bits and scraps, yes ... rinse under a running faucet, no.

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