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acraftyladyMarch 20, 2013

When using to check my email away from home using a mobile device like my kindle fire or my new smart phone I can't for the life of me find and attachment button when I compose a new email and I can't figure out if you just can't do it or I am missing something.

When on a computer and I log in at I can attach stuff to send. I don't want to use a mail program on my mobile devices because that would only work at home and I use these mostly when I am way from home so need to do it by web mail.

I googled and found my question on and answer was yes you can attach in aol mobile mail but no directions on where the attach button is. Any one have a clue? I don't see that AOL makes an app for email. Mary

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Well never mind. After digging farther on google discovered AOL did away with attachments on mobile mail long before I got my devices. That is stupid to me. I can log in to road runner on the net from my mobile devices and attach stuff but that is not my main email and I don't want to switch. Mary

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I don't know what kind of device you have, but there are generic mail apps that are kinda halfway - not quite as good as a dedicated app for a specific site, but much better than using a browser every time. You set it up once and afterwards it acts almost exactly like a dedicated app.

In the Android world, I've used MailDroid. It's free, easy to use and works with most sites.

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I got it now. I have a mail app on the phone and can use it away from home with to get my mail as I tried it a bit ago while shopping so if I need to send a photo I can set that up quick to send. It's just time time warner road runner address that has to be connected at home to the servers here.

I don't prefer to use a mail app on the phone full time because I have no home phone and have to leave my phone on 24/7 so I don't want it snagging email so it doesn't get to the desktop mail program and I don't see anyway to turn these email apps off on devices other than to delete the account or I guess make sure the wifi and 4g are off.

Maybe you can help with this. I just go the LG optimus L9. I came from a basic talk and text phone to this android phone. On my old phone when I put the memory card in it made folders for like photos, sounds, video and that's where stuff automatically saved

On the new phone I formatted the card in the phone but when I hook phone to computer there is just one main folder everything is going into and it didn't make separate ones. I thought the guy at the store said it should make all those folders so is it supposed to or do anrdroid phones not work that way or maybe the one I got doesn't? Mary

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My android phone is a different brand, so I don't know and wouldn't want to guess.

If exploring with a Files app doesn't help you locate the folders, I'm sure the in- store or by-phone tech support can answer all your questions and provide usage hints.

With your 4g phone, I'd be shocked if an active data connection for email would interfere in any way with an otherwise incoming phone call. But that's another question you can ask them. Sorry I couldn't help.

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I just found out this phone does not automatically make the separate file folders on the memory card and automatically put stuff in each one. I have to manually create each folder on the card then when I take a photo manually send it to the photo folder on the card or just let it automatically go to the one default folder it creates on the card for everything.

I can't believe my basic talk and text phone used to do all that automatically and this phone does not. I use ES file manager on my kindle fire and really like it. Mary

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