white grout/tile on shower floor: okay or problematic?

NewEnglandSaraAugust 14, 2014

Hi there,

I am continuing to worry about picking shower floor tiles! :-) Our shower walls are going to be 4 X 10 white subway tiles, and we have selected an accent tile in stacked Azure blue glass (from the Ann Sacks "budget line.")


The sales associate at Ann Sacks highly recommended using frosted Azure 1 inch penny rounds or squares on the shower floor with white grout OR using a white stacked tile in Rice Paper or white with white grout. All of these tiles are beautiful, but my husband and I are very worried about how the white tile/white grout will hold up. In our previous house, we had white penny rounds (edged in a sort of greyish color) with white grout. Both the grout and the tiles got dirty looking, although friends suggested that the issue was with unsealed grout, hard water stains and/or maybe the wrong type of grout.

Do others have white grout and/or tile on the shower floor? If so, how has it held up? Any tips on particular types of grout to use that hold up better than others? Sealers to suggest? I welcome any input. If you have frosted glass on your shower floor, I also welcome your thoughts. We are hoping to order by Saturday for tax-free weekend in Massachusetts.

Thanks so much!


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Our tile guy used a stain-resistant commercial grade grout by Tek in our shower. It doesn't need sealing because it isn't porous enough (like regular grout) to be susceptible to stains. It costs a little more than regular grout but well worth the additional cost in our opinion.

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I would not do white. It sounds like you are having hard water issues that are discoloring the tiles. Short of getting a water softener, you might want to consider doing something different from before. If it only happened once, I'd say it's a fluke, but since it has happened twice, I would try a different route if I were you.

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I would do a white tile on the floor but not with white grout. I went with a silver grout on my shower floor last year. It is holding up pretty well but looking back I wish I had gone with a slightly darker color.

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I just wanted to add that if the grout does get dirty you can refresh it with Aquamix Grout Colorant. They sell it in every grout color imaginable. I did it on my kitchen floor and it is a miracle how nice the grout looks now.

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I wouldn't do white grout on a shower or bathroom floor. White tile would be fine.

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"Fusion Pro" from HD. Antimicrobial, never needs sealing and stains don't set.

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I regret using white grout in my bathroom. Its a pain to keep sparkling white. In fact, I am trying to convince my husband to dig the white grout out and replace with gray.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

If you have hard water, you can't fight it. NO color of grout is immune, and neither is the tile. I use a pumice stone on mine, and a lot of elbow grease.

We did get a whole house water softener, and it's better, but not perfect.

You can bleach white, but you can't bleach hard water damage.

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I am in the process of having a new tile floor in my bathroom now - I bought brown grout. I said something to my installer about it and he said to never, never, NEVER get white grout. I agree. Once burned, twice shy.

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