Am I crazy for thinking brick shouldn't go up while I'm abroad?

threeapplesJune 28, 2012

I will be away for 7 days soon after the brick arrives. Is it insane that I'm intending to ask the builder very nicely if he will have the mason wait until I return? I'm nervous something will go wrong and my husband won't notice it.

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I would want to be there, I think.

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uggh. my husband sees no reason to set our schedule back a week, but to me this seems like a huge thing and, the way things have gone, i feel like i need to monitor.
i'll call my builder and see if i can make this happen.

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I would definitely wait until I came back. Brick suppliers are notorious for sending out multiple lot runs of brick for 1 job. There can be huge color variation between lots that you may not notice until you're looking at a giant expanse of wall. We had 3 different lot#s show up in our shipment--only 1 was the same as the brick they had already put down for the foundation. I noticed it and brought it to the GC's attention. The brick supplier apologized and brought out more brick in the correct lot. Our framer was working on a gorgeous house in the town I work in that had a brick lot problem--beautiful large Georgian-Federalist style house. There was a definite line that ran across the front of the house about 2/3 of the way up where you could clearly see a different lot of brick was used--the options were to tear down the wall and start over, live with it as-is, or paint the brick. They now have a beautiful very large Georgian-Federalist style home in a pale yellow color.

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I would want to be there for sure. We had stone and not brick, but we did have him change some of the color variances. They had 3 different colors for the window sill--looked like a checkerboard. We changed it to 1 color--liked it much better. This was changed while the mortar was still wet which was much easier than later.

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You should definitely be there. We had to have brick removed and replaced twice.

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