Towel bar in Shower?

hcw1103August 24, 2009

We are just about to start the remodel, and we will have a 4.5 x 5 foot shower. Has anyone done towel bars inside the shower? If so, how has that been for you? The contractor suggested a heated towel bar there, but besides the cost of them, something about an electric product IN the shower doesn't seem right...looking for opinions please!

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Our shower (8' x 3') came with towel bars (the non-heated kind). I haven't figured out why they are there since spray from the shower head would get anything on either bar wet.

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Good question. I've thought of adding one to drip dry my shower mat when I'm finished showering. It would be convenient, since I use it everyday but don't need to launder it very often. However, my Kerdi shower installer asked that we not "penetrate the membrane" of the shower liner by installing a towel bar as it defeats of point of having that system.

I'll be anxious to read the replies to your question.

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Have one at the back wall, and did growing up too. It is mounted pretty high up on the wall, so water would never hit the tile where it is mounted. Don't keep a towel on it when the water is on, but is good for drying a towel after, drip drying the bath mat and other things too.

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I'd be with you on the *heated* aspect hcw. That concept kinda makes me a little nervous. :-) I am also planning the placement of a towel bar within the shower for the shower mat rather than towels.

But that said, I'd really like a light in the shower area and I gather there are sealed units specifically for this. It's still electiricty right? So maybe we are being overly paranoid.

Interesting what photonut's contractor said about the Kerdi integrity issue. I'd be interested to hear Mondo's comments on this issue.

I will also be interested in continuing comments on this issue.


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We had non-heated towel bars in all 3 showers in our house (have since remodeled the master, took the towel bar out). They seem dated to me, but actually do come in handy.

Not for hanging towels, but to hang stuff to dry, to hang kids bath toys, etc. Two of the showers had no shelves other than a small soap shelf, so the bars were nice as a shelf, although only for bottles big enough to not fall through.

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We just put a towel bar in our guest house shower where we are staying until our main house reno is complete. We love it!

No need for a heated bar because the towels are warm by the end of your shower...and we don't have to walk out into the cold air to get our towels...convenient location to the rear above the benchseat where they don't get wet. Going to do this in our main house also.

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