is $11k sensible for 13 ft wall of bookcases and hidden door?

threeapplesJune 29, 2012

our library has a ten ft. tall ceiling and is 13 ft. wide. we want one of the walls all bookcases with the bookcase on one end a secret door into a little computer room behind it. i've tried to get someone to do this for us and finally found a company to do it, but their price, including installation and traveling a few hours to install it. this would be unstained maple and not including crown molding, which my builder will supply. this is several thousand over the budget our builder gave us for this bookcase wall and hidden bookcase door so i'm wondering if this is reasonable. or, the other option is that we do the adjacent wall in all bookcases and do this wall in paneling with a hidden jib door. the mystique of the bookcase door is more appealing to me, but i wonder if i should just nix it. any thoughts?

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I think your builder's budget was probably low, as usual for a lot of builder estimates. For 13 foot x 10 foot of fine case goods, that is a bit low to average price. You have the added difficulty of the hidden door in that price, so I think the quote overall is a bit low.

Wait! I read it again. It's unfinished? Then it's probably about right. But if this is going to be stained, it should be stained just after the fabrication phase off site in a clean room, not on site. It would be better painted off site too if that's the final finish, but it's doable onsite for paint more than staining would be. I'd expect finishing to add about 2-3K to the price.

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This is probably about on target unfinished. Stuff like this is expensive.

I posted the same thought in the kitchen forum, but I think the $1400 would be more well-spent on getting decent working drawings of your kitchen cabinets than $13,000 on a novelty.

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What's in the contract for these bookcases? Was it specified in the contrast for maple? Where are you in the country?

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We are in NE Ohio. Builder spec'd poplar or birch, but the guy who is doing the rest of the room doesn't work in those species do we arrived in maple since its the common ground.

Should I just do a paneled wall with job door and bookcases on adjacent wall, losing the bookcase door?

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The answer to that question is whether or not the bulk of the cost is in the bookcases, or the hidden door. If it is the bookcases, you aren't going to save by moving them to another wall.

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