Update drivers? Safe???

phyllis__mnMarch 13, 2014

I have Windows 7, and have been getting the message to update my drivers. I'm so leery of doing any updates that I do not know what I can do safely. This is a copy of the first of instructions. It then goes to My PC Backup, and Driver Update utility. It has the McAfee icon, saying it's safe, but I need your OK that it is!
Windows 7 Drivers

System Information:
Your machine is currently running: Windows 7
The Driver Update utility is compatible with your operating system
Start DownloadSize: Less than 1 MB
Download Time: Under 1 minute
Designed for: Windows XP, 8 , 7 & Vista
Download the Driver Update Utility to scan and identify out-of-date or missing Windows 7 Drivers. Update your PC with the correct Windows 7 Drivers:
Scan your PC for out-of-date device drivers with one click
Download latest version of all PC device drivers
Gives you full report of out-of-date drivers
Step 1

Download DriverUpdate
Start Download
Step 2
Click "Run" or "Save"
button when dialog appears

download popup
Step 3
Update All your PC�s Drivers
with one click!

Screenshot DriverUpdate Results

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If the hardware items attached to your PC (printers, scanners, external drives, keyboard, mouse) all work fine, there's no reason to take a chance.

Best outcome - nothing's gained.

Worst outcome - it doesn't install properly, or your connected hardware doesn't work right, or some other hiccup happens.

I like to leave well enough alone and follow the adage to not try to fix something that isn't broken. I never update drivers.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

I wouldn't worry about updating drivers either.

A bigger concern for me would probably be the mechanism by which I/you "... have been getting the message to update my drivers ...".

When/where do you get that message? Have you scanned for malware recently?

Despite the green WOT rating, the WOT user reviews tell a different story. WOT rating of driverupdate.net

Personally, I think they'd just love to stick their grubby hands into your bank account and withdraw $29.97/year.

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Thank you for reinforcing my thoughts on this!! I just read the reviews, so that was helpful, too.

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Be careful that is not free! it's trying to lure you in is all...

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The ONLY reason to update a driver is if something is not functioning the way it is supposed to. Then and ONLY then, you should go directly to the web site of that product and install the appropriate driver. DON'T rely on Microsoft or any third-party site to supply you with a driver for any reason and never pay for a driver update.

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Gosh this again hurts. I agree with Snidely, leave well enough alone.

I agree with AZ's total post. Plain and simple reasoning and guidance.


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When you say " I'm so leery of doing any updates," are you referring only to driver updates, or to other updates as well, like updates from Microsoft or for your antivirus software? If it is a broader issue for you than just drivers, then that's another discussion we need to have, because the answer is going to be much different.

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I just got back to this......everything is fine now; I do the regular updates as I am notified. Again, thank you, all!

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