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emmaMarch 18, 2013

Is anyone else having script errors pop up. This is what the last one said:

It happens to often to put up with and it doesn't happen on any site but garden web.

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I'm wondering if the "js" means java script, and if so, if you've disabled java script in your browser?

It's not java, it's something different. There's no reason (that I know of) to not have it enabled. Check the settings in your browser.

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When the java problem happened I deleted jscript thinking it was java. It only effected 2 of my games and I didn't play them anymore. I don't think that is what caused the problem because it has worked fine until 2 days ago and the Java threat was a few weeks back. I reinstalled the games hoping they would install it, but they did not.

I find that my some of my settings have been changed and I did not change them. I notice them after I use CCleaner. I googled the problem and found that there are more bugs in CC than there have been before. They even mentioned the one I had with MS Security Essentials. I did not find any complaints there about jscript.

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