PurplemoonDecember 20, 2010

Here's the lovely cup and saucer and little plate Frou surprised me with! Such beautiful colors. I think I will have fun using this in Spring and Easter decor!

I had to run in Dollar Tree to get some gift bags and tissue paper, and of course had to come home with more. But only $2 more this time!! The cute pair of sparkly goblets are ornaments, and I just loved the little Gingerbread man. I sat him with my Chef Santas, actually on their little tree so he shows. Looks like he's climbing and playing in the tree. LOL.

Remember these two iron reindeer I bought at a thrift shop MONTHS ago?

Well I didn't !! Just like that elusive pair of Fall pheasants, these reindeer have been missing...lost in this

house instead of stored with Christmas stuff since I found them way off season. Last night I stumbled across them, in an under-bed bin that I 'thought' had winter tops in it. I was very glad to find them. Or I would have been had I KNOWN they were lost!

Ahhh, the magic of Christmas.

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Karen, it was like shopping therapy for me to buy just one place setting. I agree it will be great for a Spring tablescape for one. I saw those cute little gingerbread men at DT and almost bought them too. Those black deer are gorgeous, glad you found them.

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I think he's just really cute...

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Karen, That place setting is so pretty. It was so nice of Frou to give it to you. The glittery goblets and gingerbread man are really cute. I think those reindeer were hiding just waiting for you to find them!!

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Karen, those dishes are beautiful Frou sent you. Very cute gold goblets and ginger. He looks great hanging out in your tree. So glad you found your deer. Have you decided what to do with them yet?


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Cute stuff Ms. Karen....
my secret for remembering where in the world I lost something :^) I have a roll of paper hung on the inside of my closet door. (an old roll of adding machine tape) When I buy something out of season, I write it on the paper and tell where I "stored" it. I look at the paper periodically and when the right season shows up, I get the new item out. It then gets stored appropriately and I can scratch it off my "reminder" list. I also use that list to remember what gifts I have already purchased, and where I put them :^)

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That gingerbread is just cute as cute can be on your tree with Santa Chef! OA, did you see that? Would be cute on your new kitchen tree, too! And those deer are wonderful...I am happy they showed up for you (on time)!

Was last min shopping with a friend at Kohl's today & they have their Santa Chef & Mrs. Santa Chef on sale 50% off...I resisted...but I am so enjoying the ones shown on this forum! Way cute!

Lovely place setting of the berries from frou. That will be beautiful in the Spring! (& purple, too). TFS! Jeanne S.

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JB, your idea is a WINNER. I really need to do this since I buy stuff off season for all the holidays. Actually I need to not buy any more but that's just not going to happen. LOL.

hugs and thanks,

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Very pretty place setting for a table for one this spring! Nice choice Frou, I see there's purple in there!

Karen, you are too funny with your hiding things away in "unexpected" places! At least that way you get to feel the thrill of a new purchase all over again when you find them! LOL

Your little gingerbread guy looks so cute on your little tree. Did you remember to get the bags you went to get???? ;o)


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love the china place setting - internet friends are the most giving/sharing people - that will look so pretty in some spring settings. Your other purchases are very cool - love the goblets and gingerbread man and glad you 'found or rediscovered' your deer.....


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