Porch Tree & Finished with Porch Decor!

jeannespinesDecember 12, 2010

Blizzards are good for something...they make you stay home! LOL! Here's some pics I took on this sunshiny day...with winds howling & just above 0 temps! The porch is off DR sliding doors so I decorate alot out there & we use it for overflow at Christmas, too. Here's the faux tree:

It's a cool tree that I've had about 10 yrs now...love the greenery & pinecones...here's a close-up ...I sparsely dec this one...white birds, stars, red gardland & a few dark metal ornies:

And here's that iceskating pond in daylight...I've posted a night shot on a diff thread:

You may have guessed with a name like "jeannespines" that I enjoy pine trees...here's a few more in porch decor. This is snowmen playing...used that big green platter (Gabriel Pottery that you've seen in my t'scapes this summer) for tabletop since round glass had to go indoors under vine tree in DR:

Here's another little pine behind the "Snowmen Carolers" that sits in the corner behind table/chairs. I bought the carolers yrs ago when I crafted with an old friend:

More pines trees...here's Hoosier Cabinet (known as the game cabinet to GK's)...I covered the doors with green throw to hide the Hydrangea prints on the doors:

Close-up of Penguin Ice Skaters...DH made several yrs ago & I painted...

And tabletop of Hoosier...that's my recent $5 pitcher from GW...pines again! LOL!

And here's a cuddly Rudolph (been around for awhile) that sits in the GK's rocking chair...a find from MN vac...DH fixed it & I painted it some yrs back:

That Rudolph has been carried around & hugged by many...he's a softie! This is my newest floppy snowman I found last yr after Christmas. The print is old bushel baskets & blue enamelware pots...fits the season!

Ok, I've rattled on...my body says enough for today! TFlookin'...hope you enjoy! Stay warm! Jeanne S.

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Pretty tree,with the white birds and red garland. I was so attracted to those square, green candles on your Hoosier cabinet, very nice display there. I have never seen square candles before. Love them.


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I always enjoy looking at your pic's...

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Great Pines Jeanne! They're all so lovely.. I really like that tall slim one with the birds and the stars..looks like a real 'wintery tree'.
I remember when you got that green pitcher from GW..it looks real pretty on your hoosier cabinet along with your green candles.
I used to have chairs, like your green rocker. Many moons ago, when DD was little, a neighbor threw them out. They were old then and in rough shape, so we painted them red and they got lots of use. Sadly I gave them up when we moved.
Loved looking at at all your decorations Jeanne.
Lucky you, now you have plenty of time to enjoy it all before Christmas comes.


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Jeanne, I really like your porch tree. The close up is so pretty and really shows how beautiful it must be in RL.

I'm a painter so all of your cute paintings are jumping out at me and I love 'em. I'd like to see a close up of the Americana snowman when you have time so I can read what it says.

Your tabletop on Hoosier is wonderful with all the greens on it. All your candle are neat. Little "Rocky Ruddy" is pretty cute.

Cute floppy snowman. Is that a stick snowflake? So cool.


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Thanks, gals ....

punk...here's a pic of the saying on the patriotic snowman...DH cut them out & I painted some yrs bk for kids homemade gift:

That snowflake on top of wall shelf is resin on a metal spring...I used to use it in "Up North" decor...earthy lookin, I thought (for a snowflake)! LOL! "Rocky Ruddy"...cute!

jane...I'm still working at it...below zero here tonight BRRRRR...so won't be going out much tomorrow...need to switch "dishes" & get out the pretty Pfaltzgraf Winterfrost & snowmen...they stay out til in March. Thanks for your comments. Jeanne S.

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I thought the first tree was real, till I read you'd had it 10 yrs!! LOL. Its wonderful! I like the simple way you decorated it too. Perfect for that tree.
And the GW pine pitcher is so perfectfor you! Wonderful find.

I'm not normally a Snowman person, but you have the cutest darn fellows that are impossible to resist. The Carolers
especially caught my eye! But your vignette of them with the little tree, and the Patriotic Snowman who wants to stay out for July, are just adorable!
I've always loved the skating rink vignette!

But Jeanne, do NOT get me hooked on Snowmen. Please. LOL.
I've got too many Christmas "collections" going now, and
most definitely NO room for more. Besides, two of my closest friends are Snowmen Lovers and if they can't convert me, you shouldn't. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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I love pine trees as well. The farm I grew up on was called Pine Grove Farm. We had 4 rows of pine trees that was 1/2 mile long. Used to love walking through there when I was little. So, I tend to decorate with alot of garland and trees. I throw in a few fresh branches to give it that pine smell. I could find myself sitting on your porch just soaking in all of the decorations. Great job !!

Thanks for sharing,

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Every little detail is adorable. The natural tree is so darn pretty, I love the little white birds. The snowmen are all great, especially the ones in front of the little tree. But in my book, the penguins are the creme of the crop. They are precious, you are a talented painter. I really like the cream colored snowman at the end, I tend to lean toward all white decorations this year.

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oh I love every vignette and love pines also - when we retired and moved to NC I wanted a piney wooded lot and got one - it was a tree farm at one point and I have well over 200+ pines - they are lob lollies so all the branches are way up there and I can't get to them for decorating but love having them all around me. I love all your different types of pines that you have used in your vignettes - TFS .....


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I love all your little pines throughout the house. That's a cute idea.

The print behind the floppy snowman is perfect!

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