Surprise Package came last night!

jeannespinesDecember 21, 2010

Got home from book club & a pkg lay on the counter...from the sunny state of AZ...from Karen, aka, Purplemoon! What a fun surpise! Of course, I opened it right away! Here's some pics:

Aren't they JUST the cutest pair!!! Here's a closer look at the snowman...his carrot nose is bent & his arms bend & he freestands on his own two booted feet!

Today I found him a home on the porch with the other he is on Hoosier cabinet counter:

I love 'em! Here's a precious "Woodland Santa" ... he is much shorter than the one I bought recently after seeing Purplemoon's "woodsy" table decor! (the one that was too tall for my shelf).

Isn't he just wonderful!!! Thank you, Purplemoon...I guess I was a "very good girl" this yr! What a surprise! You know, great minds think alike...I have a couple things sitting on my desk that I've needed to find a box for...the PO box wasn't deep enough! LOL! So, I'm looking! Jeanne S.

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How wonderful a gift...

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They are both so very nice and so very you! How fun. Know you will enjoy both. Luvs

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Jeanne, those two said they didn't like the 80 degree weather we were having last week and my decor wasn't right for them so they wanted to come live with you. I figured you'd get a kick out of that Snowman.

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, these two are so are the cutest alright. Love that nose on Snowy and you found the perfect place for it!

Have you placed Woodsy yet? Karen has a way of picking the perfect gifts out. So fun to see all your decorations and can't wait to see another with Santa.

So gald you was a Good Girl this year!


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Marlene Kindred

How cool are they? Wonderful additions to your collection. That Karen is something else, isn't she?

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