Header/Bulkhead on 4 by 4 Shower? Type of Shower Door?

sailormassAugust 6, 2012

Hi, folks--I'm having a 4 by 4 shower installed--the cement board is up, the plumbing is in and the tile is being installed as we speak.

I've attached a pic of the shower as it looks now

The shower had a rainshower head and there is a light in the ceiling. The ceiling will be tiled. I plan to install a high-quality glass door.

Two questions:

--The installer and my carpenter are willing to install a header/bulkhead if I want one at very little cost. For this size and style of shower, would you recommend that?

--In the past (but this was with a six-foot-long shower with a header), I've had a Century glass sliding door that I've loved--great quality, gorgeous door. Should I go with a slider here or with a panel and swinging door?

Thanks for your help!

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How high is your ceiling? What do you mean when you say bulkhead? I thought that meant lowering the ceiling. Maybe you mean a wall up there?

I would do a panel and a door. If you want the door to open in & out then having it be shorter than the rain head would work best (so it clears it when opened inward). A short wall up top might make that easier.

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Hi, ShellKing--The ceiling is eight feet. I actually mean a little wall, for lack of a better term, at the top of the shower opening--probably only six inches or so--kind of a threshold but on top, if that makes any sense.


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We'd call what you are describing a soffit and we put one that is about 5 1/2" in our shower because that gave us a logical place to end the ceiling tile and also a place to anchor the glass panel on our pony wall. Ultimately, we decided on a full height door which I love (once we found a shorter rainhead, that is!)

This may help you visualize what I'm talking about...

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I forgot to mention that I love the tile work in your shower! I hope you'll post more pictures of your room as it comes together.

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Thanks for your help and for the compliment! The tile is a ceramic faux travertine, 3 by 6 made by Cenit. I got the pattern idea from a display at the tile place where I shop. Never would have thought it would work if I hadn't seen it myself.

I've put up another pic--the wall color is BM Pearl Harbor--I might repaint it in BM's Guesthouse.

Your shower is also gorgeous!

I don't think I'll have a door that goes up to the ceiling. Looks great in your bathroom, but mine is a bit smaller and a full-length door might mean there's a little too much steam in my shower.

In this case, would you still recommend a soffit? Thanks!

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Sorry, here's the pic

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I think it would add a nice finishing touch, especially if you have crown molding like treasuretheday. However, be careful not to make the bulkhead/wall too tall (i.e. don't come down too low). I saw a bunch of experts posting about how this would create a place for the rising moisture to get trapped, making it much harder to ventilate.

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