Open Office vs. Libre Office

not2brightMarch 5, 2011


I'm looking for a MS Office alternative for someone who does not want to pay for MS's version and really has only occasional need for such software (most of which is for reading emails sent to her in a format requiring an Office program to open it). I know about the Open Office alternative and have only recently learned of Libre Office. Has anyone here tried both of these programs who can give a brief review of which one you consider better ?

Thanks !

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I use OO and it suits my needs well. I've not used LO yet, and since they are so closely related I wouldn't expect the differences to impact me very much. Since both are free, you should just flip a coin and take one for a test drive. There's really nothing to lose.

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Before being issued Microsoft Office Enterprise for home use I used OO when working on documents transported between home and the office. I never had any concern, and I have to agree with AZ that there can't be too much difference between OO and LO.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I use OO on all my computers including linux have not tried the LO, happy with OO.

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LO was started by all the unhappy employee's whom left OO because of the new owner dislikes/incompatabilities/etc/or something very secret.

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Same soup, different gravy as Mikie notes. But read report linked below for a fuller explanation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Open Office and Libre Office

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Thanks for all the great responses !! I guess I'll suggest she go with OO and only try the other if she runs into problems. :-)

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I downloaded and installed Libre Office several days ago. Other than just opening the word processor, I haven't really used it at all. Just thought I'd give it a try since I'm not really keen on Oracle's actions with what was an open source program.

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