Hair dye and shower material

esgaAugust 8, 2014

I am building a new bathroom and want to be sure that the material I choose for the shower won't end up being stained by my monthly hair dye job. I hate grout! So I've been looking at alternatives to tile and grout for the shower pan and walls. I also want a barrier-free shower. Some people have responded to my posts about Onyx shower pans (thanks!). I have also seen other threads about Swanstone.

We are on a budget but we don't have to be at the lowest end. I know I don't want fiberglass or acrylic, or at least not low end. I have seen Swanstone's subway tile shower walls, and the pictures look nice.

However, I want to make sure that they won't be stained over time by my monthly auburn dye job!

Experience, please!

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No hair is past the dye stage and more into the Albert Einstein look! However, I am not sure anyone can guarantee you that a shower won't pick up some tint over time from the dye, particularly if you are going with light colored materials. If it were me, I'd go for dark, porcelain tiles in a large size (like 18"X18") to minimize number of grout lines, I'd have the grout be a complementary dark color, and I'd use epoxy grout, which is much more resistant to staining than regular grout.

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Sophie Wheeler

Don't rinse hair dye in the shower. Either do it in a stainless kitchen sink, or get a dedicated shampoo sink for a utility area. Or, just pay to go pro with your hair services . It's cheaper than redoing your bath after you've stained it irreversably. That goes for tbe floor tiles and vanity as well. Hair dye can splat a long way.

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I use the guest bathroom when I color my hair. It has a tub that can easily be bleached if needed although I've never needed to do that. I have a marble floor in our master bath shower. Is there another bathroom you could use so this isn't a limiting factor?

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This is where I want to color my hair, that's why I'm asking. And I don't want a tile shower floor, however odd that seems. I've been coloring my hair in an ancient porcelain tub for years without doing it much harm, and I'm pretty sure there are materials that will resist the dye better than others.

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I've been coloring my hair at home forever, and have never had staining in the shower (countertop, though, that's another story...). Most of my showers have had porcelain tile floors, but two had travertine, one of which was tumbled. No staining. The key is to rinse off any area in the shower hit by dye immediately.

All that said, once our master bath is finished, I'll be dying my hair in the hall bathroom. ;)

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I dyed my hair for years in our MB without issues. I always managed to get some on the counter (40 year old laminate) and on the porcelain tile floor, and it always wiped up. I rinsed in the acrylic one-piece shower and by the end of the shower there was nothing to wipe up. I no longer dye my hair because I developed an allergy to seemingly all dyes - made my whole scalp ooze like a skinned knee, ouch! - so not an issue any more.

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I don't dye my hair or have any desire too, but know that others do and the salon is not only pricey but time consuming as well. But I do have some experience.

We have had vinyl floors, faux marble counters, walls, fiberglass tubs and cabinets ruined in rentals. These are neither low or high end, but the only thing that I do not recall having to toss due to dye is the porcelain sink bowl, but they are cheap and we replace often anyway. I would suggest testing your dye of choice on the materials you intend to use and see what the effect is. If you use a dark dye, you might want to match the residue color from the hair dye to determine the colors in the room (grout flooring, cabinets etc) or build so if you plan on selling the damaged items are easily replaced

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Look at the TruStone website. They are capable of producing a cultured marble with a technology that gives you the look of slab stone. My hair products slightly stained my white cultured marble in our last home, so I think this colored and patterned CM might be worth a look for you.

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Thanks for the great ideas, everybody.

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