Will these colors/finishes look good, or do I need to modify?

regmosesAugust 22, 2012

We're re-doing a small master bath. Removed big jacuzzi, replacing with a walk-in shower, doorless because of the window being sort of in the way. Moving toilet to locatio of previous tiny shower 33x34.

Here's a blueprint pic. Sorry, it's roughly correct - best I could do with this program.

Here's a 3D version (mock-up not using real tile colors because they weren't available on this free software).

This is what it would look like if you cut the left wall off my house and looked at the room widespan. Again, NOT my tile.

We're having a vanity built similar to this one (and matching cabinet over toilet)

The floor is currently set to be done in this woodlook tile called Wood Talk Brown

I was thinking of doing the shower floor in this tile 2x2s

And using a simple cream colored porcelain (fake travertine look) on the walls, with a black accent border of some kind about 2/3 of the way up the wall.

Chrome finish fixtures and lighting. No idea what color on the walls (green, cream, tan?).

I'm going for something pretty classic. I don't want to get tired of it, and I REALLY want to use wood-look tile on the floor and utilize my perfectly fine cream-colored toilet.

I'm terrible at visualizing all of it at the same time. So, that's why I'm asking for help. What do you think?

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A little more visual to add ...

Here's a sort of the cream tile 12x12s we're planning to use in the shower. I have no idea about the accent piece to bring the black up 2/3 of the way up the shower.

Then, as the vanity top, we'll use a granite like New Venitian or Kashmir White

The pony wall will be topped with glass, so the tile in the shower will be on display.

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The finishes are mostly fine. For a black accent strip, just use the shower floor tile. I don't think that faux travertine "works" with the black and the wood. . You've already got a lot of finishes here. I'd think about doing the shower walls in the wood tile, and just add additional lighting to deal with the darker finishes. Or use granite tile the same as the vanity granite.

The layout isn't fine, though. Opening the door straight to the toilet is unappealing, and the toilet stall isn't large enough. It needs to be 36" wide. If the door swing was the other way, at least you wouldn't see the toilet first thing when you opened the door, but the too small size of the alcove problem still remains. Also, swapping the toilet and shower locations will involve quite a bit of plumbing redo. It would be cheaper to modify the existing shower by annexing space from somewhere else than it would be to swap the two.

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*Live_wire_oak - I appreciate your suggestions. I hadn't really considered granite tile in the shower. I'll have to look into the maintenance of that.
As far as the layout goes, it certainly isn't the greatest. But, it's the best we can do within the footprint of our 1977 home. The last owner's remodel was back in the '90s and left us with an awkward layout, cramming a tub and separate shower in. As you can see from the doorway pic, the toilet acts as an obstacle and is WAY too close to the sink.

The toilet alcove doesn't worry me. It measures 34 3/4 inches from wall to wall. I'm not going to give up a larger shower just because we're 1 1/4 inches from "standard." And, we currently don't walk in the doorway and focus on the shower (which is where the toilet will go), so I don't think the toilet will become the first thing you see.

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We've got two very small baths so I feel your pain and admire your planning for your renovation. I'm not good at spatial planning, but just wanted to mention that if your shower floor tile is black or black-ish, it will really show soap scum and will look soiled when it's really fairly clean, in my experience. You'd think it would be the opposite, but I found a dark shower floor in a vacation home we used to borrow to be really difficult to keep looking moderately clean.

We have a similar 12x12 on our shower walls in our larger bath and really like it. I would suggest a small tile in a similar color for the floor for easier maintenance. I love your flooring and vanity.

Just my 2 cents! Good luck with the project.

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Agree with lazy daisy and have similar colored tumbled stone and same colored stone in 2x2 size on the floor. It doesn't show a thing! I would do the same color floor in the shower.

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Thank you CKGM and LazyDaisy! I was thinking black on the floor would hide dirt. I'm mostly concerned about the grout. Did you have light colored grout with the cream tile? Do you know if a special additive was used to keep it from getting dark or spotty?

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Sophie Wheeler

34" isn't wide enough to pass a code inspection. You need to redo the wall in order to get 36" from inside wall to inside wall at a minimum. More room is better. And please don't say that you aren't getting a permit for this so won't be getting it inspected. That's a big mistake as permits are for your protection as well as to ensure the minimum health and safety requirements.

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hollysprings - I understand where you're coming from, but try and understand where a lot of other people come from. With all its pros and cons, I live in rural America where permits aren't required for anything but new construction. We're not new to remodeling, as we've done it through the whole house. This is the last room. We're careful about health and safety as hour home is a huge investment for us.

34 3/4" is going to have to do for the toilet space. More room would be better, of course, but I don't have it. I think if we can take a shower in 34" then almost 35" will be perfectly healthy and safe for sitting on a toilet.

If you notice, I was asking for input on colors and finishes, not layout. But thanks anyway.

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regmoses, can you switch the door to a pocket door? We did that in our cramped bath, and it created a much more useable space. It wasn't terribly expensive to do either. If there is no electrical wiring in that wall to the left of the toilet, you could slide the pocket door into that wall. It would free up that corner for a towel bar or some more storage.

Everything looks gorgeous so far. And you did a lovely job with the old bath too :)

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my new bathroom has a similar colored vanity and similar color tile on the shower walls (travertine). I posted a lot of pictures if you want to see them. I did opt for black faucets and I decided not to use a dark tile on the floor of the shower, but I considered it at one point.

Here is a link that might be useful: My finished master bath

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ShellKing, thank you for pointing me to your pics. It helps me visualize my own bathroom-to-be better. Everything in your room is so beautiful and I'm totally jealous of that closet. I also love the laundry hamper - what a great idea!

I would never have guessed that your cabinets are stained and glazed oak. Are they lighter colored in person? I really like their look, but mine is slated to be a painted and finished surface. I'm wondering about the possibility of staining and glazing now.

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