Ipad cannot drag route

ilmbgMarch 31, 2013

When using either Google Map or Mapquest I cannot drag to change part of the route. The whole map moves, not just the route.
Is it not possible to drag part of a route?
Also, the option to 'alternate route' is not there with ipad.

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You may not be able to do that. I just got an iPad earlier this year, and, though I love most of its features, I've found that some things don't function the way I'm used to on a PC, and that includes Google Maps. FYI, I also have an Android tablet, and Google Maps works somewhat differently on that as well.

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I don't have an Ipad but there is a mapquest app, maybe that would solve the problem. There is also a google maps app but think it's only for android. Mary

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That is one that you cannot drag the route to change it...

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Oh ok, I don't use any of those apps. Would be nice if they added that feature I guess and makes sense. Mary

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