Quality of Hudson Reed shower fixtures

needinfo1August 22, 2014

I've found some very nice looking, traditional shower fixtures on their website. (We want a slider for the handheld shower, and we want to make sure the diverter is set low rather than up high on the main shower head.)

Quality is a major concern of mine though. I don't want to pay a gazillion dollars for a super pricy shower set, but I definitely want something with very good components that will hold up well and won't need replacement in a few years.

Does anyone have any experience with this brand? I'm interested in both recent purchases and in learning about how fixtures that people purchased years ago have held up.


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I don't have personal experience with the Hudson reed shower hardware. A friend purchased them about 8years ago. All components have been replaced at least once and the valves in the shower have been replaced twice for leaking. The company was easy to work with for the replacements but the plumber still had to be paid to replace them.

Good luck!

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We have several Hudson Reed fixtures bought about 7 (?) years ago. They all still look terrific and work perfectly.

In addition to two lavatory faucets, our main shower is one of their exposed valve fixtures with a rain head, hand held and diverter valve. I LOVE this fixture! I've posted pictures here somewhere (look for a tiled-arch doorway if you're interested in seeing it.)

Anyway - Our experiences have been quite good. I did have some reservations given the low price tag (~$475), but my husband is a general contractor who, I figured, could easily replace and repair if anything went wrong (it hasn't), and I just wouldn't spend the money for a Rohl. Also, I figured that since the valve was external (so not inside a wall), If it ever started to leak, we'd know, and could replace it.

Anyway - Our experiences have been wonderful, and I very well may buy HR again for our next renovation.

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Thanks to both of you for the comments on what sound like two completely different experiences.

sweeby--the fixture you have installed sounds just like one of the ones I am considering. I too am thinking that perhaps with all of it exposed, perhaps if a fix needed to be done it wouldn't be such a big deal as it would be with something buried within a wall.

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