Where does your Roomba live?

bpathomeJuly 6, 2013

I love my Roomba (waiting for the hovercraft version to do my dusting, too). But, it needs a home. A little doghouse? A cat-door into a closet? Under the dining room buffet? Where does your Roomba live when it's not cleaning up after you?

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Mine is outta sight outta mind. To me it was a cute toy.


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At a corner of my living room ... or more accurately at a corner near the front door entryway.

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hurrr durrr hurrr DERP

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Under the utility sink in the laundry room off the kitchen. It's programmed to come on daily.

DH bought it for me when we got our black lab puppy. It's OK but for the money I would have bought a wonderful vacuum cleaner.

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My wife puts the home station in the wash room under a small table that serves as the home for her sewing machine.

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Under an 18th century drop-leaf bureau in the family room. I like a little incongruity in my decor.

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MizLizzie, that's cute. Mine needs a better home than behind the dining room table; it's there only because it's the most accessible outlet and fairly central to the house.

My next house will have a whole-house system, so I can just sweep towards the little door, and "fwoop" it's gone.

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