Found paint colors but not in our builder's brand

Mom23EsJune 23, 2012

Our builder uses Glidden. That's fine with me, but today we went to our local parade of homes and found a few paint colors we'd like to use. We have the specific names of the paints, but they are from Sherwin Williams. DH is concerned that if we color match it may be hard to buy more paint in the future. Is this a problem?

I feel silly asking this because we really should be able to just pick a color. Glidden offers a zillion options, but we are absolutely terrible with picking paint colors. It would be awesome to just pick a color scheme we know looks good.

What's the best way to go about matching paint colors from different brands?

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I really shouldn't be hard to match the color in the future. All the paint pails/cans will be labeled with the formula used to get that color, so all you have to do is bring that information into the store and they can make more of the same color.

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Here's the way we do it. Doesn't matter whether it's a standard or custom color. We ask for a second label and stick in on top of a piece of 8.5x11 paper. We write down where it was used and then put a nice swipe of the paint on the paper. When it dries we put it in the filing cabinet for future reference.

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