Kohler Expanse v any Cast Iron--louder?

kirkhallAugust 14, 2012

Hi all,

I am researching for a tub for my daughters' bathroom. It will be a hall bathroom and the toilet/tub room is separated from the sinks...so looks don't count as much as something where you SEE the tub (as a focal point). What does matter is the utility of the tub for bathing AND showering as my girls are almost past age of baths.

I read a review somewhere of a cast iron tub that said that the shower was nice and quiet as the water fell on the cast iron. Now, that isn't something I'd thought about before, but makes perfect sense. We have cast iron now (and it will be going)...so I have not a lot of perspective on how acrylic "sounds"--only how loud it seems in hotel rooms.

So, for those with the Expanse, specifically, do you feel like it is a noisy shower (when the shower water is running)? This tub will be on a wall with the master bedroom.

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It doesn't matter what model acrylic tub--install it in a mud bed and it will be quieter than it is without one.

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Who usually does that? The plumber when they do the rough-in? Or, the contractor/tile person?

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We chose cast iron tubs for our two main bathrooms, and a cast iron shower receptor (pan) for the guest bathroom. We did so for a few reasons; heat retention and solidity/sturdiness were the main ones.

Our plumber used copper pipes for the water lines, but PVC drain pipes I believe. Those are definitely noisier (had we realized he was planning on using them, probably would have inquired about other options). Only noisy when draining (not horribly so). We shower in the tubs daily, and don't find them to be noisy for showering at all.

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I have a Kohler Expanse, which I love. I replaced a cast iron tub. Yes, the sound is different, but that's all -- different. Not louder or more bothersome, just different. The Expanse is all one piece as opposed to many tubs that have a removable apron. This makes it more solid and therefore not so noisy. I love that tub for showering because it gives you the same space as a shower stall. However, the sides are higher for stepping over, but I got used to that quickly.

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