pureWash - anyone using it?

ex007July 12, 2012

Has anyone installed a pureWash laundry system in their home? According to the company, it produces clean laundry without any detergents, bleach or fabric softener; it uses only cold water. The concept sounds terrific. Just not sure how viable the technology is.

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YES! I love it!
It works very well! I rarely ever have to use detergent. You have to use VERY little when you have something really tough to get out of your cloths ie. grease.

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Adding on to my previous comment:
If you use shout on the stain before hand you need NO detergent(:

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We installed one about two months ago. So far, we haven't used any detergent or bleach for any load (from outdoor work clothes to sheets and pillow cases) and all have turned out as clean as when we were using detergent and bleach. We wash from 4 to 6 loads per week and are completely satisfied so far.

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Wow, sounds like it works as advertised. Guess we'll take the plunge. Thanks for your reviews.

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Any updates on this? I've done some research and while I understand how it works, there seems to be nothing that's published out there that isn't by a company selling an ozonated water system for laundry (either residential or commercial).
I'm also concerned about health risks of having an ozone generator in an enclosed space even though the Purewash system seems to be a sealed unit.

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