Powder Room mini-reveal.

MizLizzieAugust 1, 2014

I call it a mini reveal because it is a mini room, and difficult to photograph. Doing the work myself with the help of a good friend and a really terrible plumber made this project take longer than it should have. And yes, I am the last person in the design universe still using polished brass. I love it unapologetically.

The toilet is Toto Promenade and the faucet is the Newport Brass Chesterfield. We also used a special order Kraftmaid wall cabinet ordered through Lowe's. The console sink and under-plumbing came from Signature Hardware and it presented a number of challenges, which is partly why I am putting this in for the archives. Nonetheless, it gave us the vintage style we needed at a budget price, and after the kitchen gut, it became my goal to get a traditional, high-end look without hemorrhaging cash.

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Shot of the wall cab for anyone shopping. Another honked up mess, imperfectly painted and shipped with no instructions and insufficient hardware. But a solid piece. We rejiggered and repainted and made it work. Designed for over-the-toilet, I think, but I needed a shallow cab on the opposite wall.

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Oh my gosh I love the sink. The brass works nicely with the wall color. Great job!

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Big awesome!!! I love everything, including the brass. I think console sinks are fab.

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Thanks, guys. Everyone keeps saying brass is coming back! When? When? LOL.

The console sink was a major objective in this refurb. But gosh, the prices!! Kohler and their sub-brand Callista have them if you're willing to pay a few thousand dollars. I fell in love with a Thomas Crapper version, but they are imported from England and way beyond what I was willing to pay after the kitchen trauma.

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MizLizzie, it is Gorgeous! So are you happy with the quality of the sink console from Signature Hardware? I totally want one . . .

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It looks great.

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Oaktown, I have very mixed feelings about my experience with Signature Hardware and that's part of why I posted. That sink was not my first choice, but it is beautiful, and at about $800 for the sink, legs, and carrara slab, it was a bargain. But most of the polished brass under-plumbing they supplied was cheaply made and the plumber never could get the polished brass supply lines to stop leaking. We threw away two sets and ended up with ordinary braided supply lines.

In some situations, this would ruin the look. In my situation, because the room is so small and you can't get a direct view of what's under there, it mattered less. To really get a classy retro look with a console sink, you want your shutoffs exposed nicely and solid supply lines running in nice, parallel lines. To have accomplished all this would have required that we move my shutoffs, which in hindsight I wish I had done because we ended up ripping out the wall anyway when the old pedestal sink damaged it coming out. Part of this I blame on the plumber who scoped out the job and told me what to order, and some of it I blame in my own inexperience. (This part was not SH's fault.)

What was SH's fault is the fact that there were next to no instructions packaged with any of the order. To their credit, SH was always available by phone. Prior to placing the order, they actually forwarded my call to one of their in house plumbers, which was helpful. But then they screw up little details like the sink that they supplied. It was a very basic sink without a polished underside, which I was okay with. I did not understand, however, that it would arrive with all sorts of black manufacturing stamps on the underside, or the fact that the overflow hole was rimmed in chrome -- despite the fact that I had paid significantly extra to get the polished brass legs and plumbing. Their suggestion was that I spray paint the overflow insert. Seriously? Well, with the console already in and nothing to lose, I did it. But it looks a bit off, and I rather doubt it will last. I suspect that, in the end, I will just throw it away and leave the unfinished china rim exposed.

This is probably more than anyone wanted to know about my little project. But I do think consoles sinks are coming back, and I like that SH lets you choose your stone, sink color, and console legs a la carte, and that the sink is offered in many sizes. And I think that SH is working hard to become a major player in kitchen and bath, even though everything they have comes from China. (What doesn't come from China, after all?) So I am just throwing this out there by way of experience, and if anyone decides to retrofit using a console sink, please give me a shout and learn from my mistakes.

Bottom line, you get what you pay for. I was not willing to drop $4,000 on a console sink, so I made compromises, and after some trials, I'm pretty happy about how it all turned out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Console sink in the 24

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Very.nice room. I like the sweet sink. I have the promenade toto too ;) mine is a round bowl. Very happy these last two years with this toilet. I'm sure you will be too.

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Enduring, it is such a classic look, isn't it? I used two of them in a recent project for my mom. Just love the look. I'll be using two more upstairs, as soon as I get my reno nerve back.

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Thank you for the information! It really is lovely and I hope you feel it was worth all the effort.

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