Cera Clad siding vs Nichiha

MarvettaJune 21, 2011

I am considering Cera Clad cement siding for my new construction home but also see that many are talking about nichiha. I am more interested in the rain screen having to do with the Cera Clad, as it is almost the same as Nichiha but has a larger "gap" for air circulation behind the cement siding than nichiha. Has anyone heard of cera clad cement siding or have feedback. I am hearing Nichiha is cheaper, but not sure. I also understand 6-8 weeks to get the cera clad from Japan to distributor in oregon / Washington. I should probably mention I am considering the "panels" 18"x10' as I am going for the "contemporary" look.

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CeraCcad would be very interesting for use in high rainfall areas like the Pacific Northwest. I would guess the major difference in it and other products is the appearance since Ceraclad does not seem to be an imitative material although some panels appear to have a rusticated look.

I suspect it would be a real challenge for an architect to use it well and in the hands of a builder on a budget it could be awful - just my impression from the website.

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