Need feedback on appliance choices please

DMack108July 9, 2012

Hi. This is my first time posting on garden web. I really enjoy reading through everyone's postings; this site is truly a wealth of information.

My husband and I have finally decided to start on the remodel project for our kitchen which has now turned out to be also a remodel of our bathroom and many other parts of our house too, since we've waited so long. The problem has been that the kitchen is just too darn small to fit everything and our architect is finding it quite challenging to try to fit in the wall oven we want.

Anyway, the following are the appliances we are considering:

Miele dishwasher with either cabinet panel or SS (most likely model G4275)

Electrolux counter depth fridge either model EW23BC85KS with the ice & water in the door or EI23BC80KS without it. I'm skeptical about getting the ice maker in door because of the problems I read about, but Electrolux claims the problem is fixed. I really like the wave controls too and the luxury lighting which be had in the 80KS. We were checking out the 36" Liebherr, but the problems with temperature control and melting ice ruining floors scared me away.

If we are unable to fit in a wall oven area, then we will go with:

Electrolux duel fuel slide-in range EW30DS75KS with the microwave above it (EI30SM55JS)

However, if we can fit in the wall oven, I'd like the single Electrolux and the microwave/convection. I really don't need two full size ovens, but I wish they had a smaller one like the size of the warming drawer. The range has a second oven in it like that, but will be tight spacing opening a range door if we have to go that route.

I would love to hear from anyone that has dealt with any of these appliances to hear pros and cons or to possibly offer any alternatives. We looked at higher end models like Wolf and BS but feel it's just not worth the cost.

Thanks to everyone in advance.



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sorry,i can't help you ,i also encountered such a problem, i will focus on this forum .

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Quite a few of us here have the Elux ovens. I've had my single 30" Elux Icon going on 6 years now and it bakes great, the cobalt interior has held up well, Love the fully gliding out racks (3 of them on the Icon)the wavetouch controls--which are pretty "Intuitive to use.
It has been trouble free, alto we rarely use the self clean as I don't feel like giving that much money to my electric company as they are "Scoundrels"--perhaps you read about the "Scandal in S Calif a few years ago---anyway not that big a deal for us to keep it clean "Manually".

As I've posted many times, (and after doing extensive research on same) regardless of manufacturer, any single oven will be more reliable than a double oven (at least at this point in time).

As far as a 2nd "Smaller oven, why not get the matching Elux speed oven that's what we did and we use it a lot!!!
Also trouble free except for a loose screw on its handle.

Far as Wolf goes, you aren't giving up anything regarding performance or reliability going with Elux instead.

A "Dear Friend of mine here" has had her Wolf replaced due to interior chipping and the latest I heard was the new one is giving some kind of error msgs (which at least according to some posts here), seems to be "The nature of the Beast" alto I guess there is now a fix for it.

Now does that mean every Wolf oven will have problems and every Elux won't? Of Course not, I'm just comparing my friend's and my experience with our ovens.

Back around 2010 Elux did have some problems with thermal circult breaker trippping after self cleaning but that was an easy fix, as I recall, adding a washer under the thermal device.

Anyway good luck on your pending decisions All of us here in GW are here to help you and most of us will "Tell it like it is/was!


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Thank you so much for your input and for putting my mind a little more at ease.

I also like to clean my oven manually. I think in 15 years, I've used the self clean on my current oven less than 5 times.

I would love to look into this speed oven you referred to. Do you know the model number? Is it the same thing as the microwave convection?

Thanks again!

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Mine is the older model, Elux Icon Speed Oven.
I believe the speed oven only comes in the Icon model as it did back six years ago.

A "Speed Oven" is a "Combo Microwave/regular oven + Convection. It will do anything a regular oven will except broil and of course it hold less, but the capacity has been plenty big for us except of course the Thanksgiving Turkey.
A speed oven will Convection bake and microwave at the same time, this saves a lot of time as well as electrical energy.
Baked potatoes in 14 minutes instead of 1 hour with a regular oven (including preheating)---most new "regular ovens" are still preheating after 14 minutes.

Your choice of a Miele Dishwasher is also a solid one, We've had our Miele Optima also for six years, It's quiet, cleans well and has been trouble free.

Go to the Electrolux Icon Website to see the current speed oven, alto you might be able to find a "Deal" on an older model.

Good luck with the "Hunt"!


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