Brief amature history of PCing - not serious

albert_135March 19, 2013

Year about 1993, on a 286 perhaps, I spend an hour downloading a tiny fix via land line. The I spend an hour installing and getting it to work. Two hours an I am back on Gardenweb - or whatever - did we have Gardenweb in 1993?

[Then time passes.]

Now it is 2013. with a fairly new HP. I turn the machine to the message that they are sending me 5 upgrades and almost a half hour later it says it is installing 8493 updates! Two hours later I am back on Gardenweb.

[What happened in 20 years?]

---The computer is about $2000 cheaper - and it plays DVDs.
---I don't pay AT&T a monthly fee for a land line.
---I can go to therapy for two hours and let the machine fix itself,

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Sorry, just silly thoughts I had this morning. And playing around with the edit feature.

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I think I bought my first PC in '93. It was a Dell 486DX2/50 with 4 megs of RAM and, maybe, a 80 meg. hard drive. 14" color monitor. I want to say the PC was about $3,200 and the monitor another $400 or so. It ran Windows 3.0. My first printer was a Panasonic 24 pin dot matrix. Maybe $300. I later upgraded that to a HP 4L for about $500. A 15" CRT monitor set me back another $500. The first modem was a Hayes 2400 baud "Smart Modem", maybe $200. Back then CompuServe charged by the minute and more for higher connection speeds.

The first laptop was a IBM PS/Note with a 486SX/25 processor, 4 megs. of RAM and maybe a 40 meg. hard drive. Somewhere north of $3,000. It did have a whopping 9600 baud FAX modem and about a 11" color screen! Windows 3.1.

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