Trends - What's Going to Replace Stainless Steel Appliances?

tony20009July 10, 2007

A poster (melisande)in the bathroom threads asked this question and though I gave her the answer there, it seems more appropriate to place it here.

melisande asked: what is the next trend that's replacing stainless steel in kitchen appliances. My response to her is below.

Actual colors are on the rise. We saw the beginning of this trend in the personal computer industry from some of the super high-end manufacturers such as Falcon Northwest. For $400-$800, they will paint anything you want on your PC case using the same paints and techniques used on high-end cars like the special edition Benzes and Bentleys.

Red is the early favorite, mainly because everything goes with red and it is at the same time fresh, "daring" and yet familiar, but the new trend strives for self determination rather than group-think (pack mentality), so as long as you pick a color you like other than stainless, white or black, it'll be in. I've noticed too that more and more folks are discovering deep, rich aubergine as the "new black." So that would be a good choice as it looks especially nice against the whites and myriad shades of brown already so prevalent in many kitchens.

This, thankfully, is a refreshing new trend, and I must admit that the super dark purples look amazing when you notice as the light catches them that "Oh, that's not black, it's purple."

Another nice thing about this trend is that you can buy your appliance in a color, but if you already have stainless appliances, you can just have them painted, thereby allowing you to delay having to purchase all new stuff. Just be sure to get a painter that knows how to apply the proper finishes a la automobile paint jobs. Some folks are actually preferring to custom order their appliances primed and have their own custom painting done so as to have really exotic treatments like pearlescent flecking (this is amazing when done in the purple I was describing earlier) or magnetic hologram finishes, which are especially cool. The only real issue with these though is that they are considerably more expensive than just your basic color, bur if you really want to make a statement, it's the way to go.

When you get down to it, though, the nice thing about the new trend for painted appliances is that there really is no limit to what you can do whatever your imagination (or your designer's) is the sole limiting factor to what's possible.

I would imagine it'll be about two years before you start seeing this reflected in the design magazines, as right now only a handful of folks have done it. I only saw this in one celebrity home in Malibu and one in the Hollywood Hills over the course of the last year. But each time I heard lots of oohs and ahs from the other guests at the parties, so I know it's coming. You know how it celeb does it, then another finds out it's expensive and different so s/he does it. Then it's THE trend, and Selma in Brooklyn is doing it 8 years later.

One thing though, this stuff ain't cheap; you can easily spend a few thousand dollars to get some of the specialty treatments done on just one item if you get it painted by a qualified craftsman. For that reason, I think that by the time the trend trickles down to the masses, most folks will either go with simple colors like red, blue, yellow, green, etc. on several appliances or do the specialty treatments to just one. Anyway, once the early adopters have their new kitchens finished, you'll be able to start seeing it in the magazines, and hopefully by then the paint makers will have figured out a way to get the fancy treatments at a more reasonable price.

So to those of you who are buying your Blue Stars and Aga ranges in a color, congratulate yourselves for being at the forefront of the style curve...

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Oh Great, Lowrider appliances! So la la L.A. Maybe they'll be airbrushed scenes like on the sides of those L.A. vans!

Maybe they'll be Hollywood/Disney themes like on kid's lunch boxes. Hello Kitty microwaves... Selma's gonna want that.

Pearlescent flecking ? Are you on drugs? Maybe it would be O.K. on the inside of my oven, take a look Hansel! If some 'celeb' does it then I know I won't be doing it. Maybe some manufactures can find a cheap way of imitating this, that will really kill this holographic decals! Maybe the pink pearlescent Kitchen Aid mixers will finally sell.

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I think I will stick with SS. While I like colors and am not a "neutral" person I like to redecorate so often, for me, I would not buy a color appliance.

So, I will predict that colored appliances will be trendy, but short lived.

Time will tell...

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I like colors, but I also think they show wear much faster than SS does. SS if treated properly always looks great. I'd be so afraid of chipping or scratching something with color. SS, if deeply scratched, can always be buffed or polished out.

That said, I really am happy with the blue interior and glass doors of the Icon double oven. I think it will give that hint of color without the drawbacks.


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I'm not a fan of SS myself. I would be quite happy with a return to black glass, which is wasy to keep clean, and doesn't "make a statement," as Mike Royko once said.

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Oops... that "wasy" was supposed to be "easy."

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So we are going back to the 60-70 and everyone will have a Brady Bunch Kitchen.

I'll take something understated and not tacky red or puke green and please NO boring all white kitchens either.

I don't care what others do but for me - NO THANKS!

I can't even stand this thought!

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I can visualize 'custom painted' appliances...neat idea. However, I am quite pleased with the look of my basic black bottom mount Samsung refrigerator with the cool blue lights. It's mirror finish reflects light and is as close to a piece of kitchen 'art' as you can purchase off-the-shelf.

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I agree that color is on the rise, but with companies as mainstream as heartland offering full line of appliances in a wide range of colors, I don't think its quite a 'super high end' trend. Good kitchen design stores are already filled with color from Heartland, Bluestar, Aga, Cornu...

But its not at all fair to compare it to the 'Brady Bunch' era, either. We aren't talking two or three dull secondary shades [avacado, harvest gold... what was that rusty brown called?] intended to 'blend' with any decor; but strong, saturated tones with a lot of personality.

I don't think it will be too long before companies besides Bluestar offer your choice of any of the RAL colors for a minimum upcharge. The magic of RAL is that IF your paint shop is state of the art, they can match it exactly, and a 5000 blue will always be a 5000 blue.

My guess is that people won't expect everything to be very matchy matchy, though: A brilliant red range is a great focal point. A matching refrigerator and dishwasher [compactor, toaster, mixer, coffee maker?] often only dilutes the impact.

Designers have been reccomending against matchi-ness for years, perhaps in part because getting a cohesive look without buying suites of furniture, appliances, etc. can be tough-- people going that route will be more likely to need a designer.

I did my current kitchen a few year ago, with stainless 40 inch range, DW, and backsplashes. It still looks good, but I'm kind of bored with it. Still like it, mind, and could be happy with it for many more years if I hadn't sold the house. But the new house will have a cooking zone focused on a blue range and red dragon granite island, with copper trim on the hood and elsewhere. Haven't decided on the DW for the cleaning end, but it may well be stainless. The zones will have different cabs, separated by the refrigerator, probably a panel model that complements but doesn't match either cab style.

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I disagree with you on this tony. Viking has offered colored apps for years. Their sales of the colored ones are lackluster at best. Ditto with Dacor's new colored ovens. These appeal to a very small segment of the market. It's nice ot have choices, but don't expect it to replace stainless appliances as a mass choice in the kitchen anytime soon.

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What about mix 'n match? We were after a traditional look in our little knotty pine galley kitchen. We chose a black range because black is a traditional color for ranges. We chose a white fridge because white is THE traditional color for fridges. And we chose a paneled DW because DW's haven't been around long enough to have a traditional color.

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Just recalling the squib on cerulean in The Devil Wears Prada . . .

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As much as it makes a definite "statement" to have an aubergine fridge, I'm happy sticking with the basic trio of white, black, or SS for my appliances. I see it the other way around than some in here...the appliances are the backbone of the kitchen, the common theme that holds your kitchen together. They are also the workhorses of your kitchen. Do I want to look at a bright lime green stove for 15-20 years while I'm cooking? Or do I want to be able to switch out wall colors, area rugs, and other things when I'm bored? It's a lot easier to repaint a wall than it is to buy a new pro range every 5 years. Or getting a cheap $450 GE stove at HD and then spend 2K to have it painted orange.

I'd rather have a serious beautiful and functional kitchen...we're a serious cooking family. When I'm working hard on that reduction or wok cooking a huge Chinese meal, I'm not sneaking looks at my clever hot pink dishwasher, LOL. But that's just each his own.

The problem with trends is that as soon as you embrace one, you become part of the big group think, and by the next year the new trend comes along.

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Just as plain white appliances have remained timeless -- if perhaps not very exciting, stainless steel is here to stay. Commercial kitchens will always stay with it for hygienic and practical reasons. It just stands to reason that home cooks will continue to want to emulate the look.

Long after "red hot chili pepper" and "aubergine" have gone the way of "avocado" and "harvest gold", stainless steel and classic white will remain timelss choices -- even if not cutting-edge fashionable.

Anyone choosing stainless steel need not worry that their appliances will look so "2000-ish" in the year 2015. On the other hand, what will people be thinking about red or purple appliances in a very few years?

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I think the trend will become custom panel, the less is more look. Its expensive, but to hide as many appliances as you can will make the kitchen look more like an extension of a living area. Just my two cents.

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Did someone say Hello Kitty microwave oven?

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I've recently seen copper colored refrigerators in magazine ads. I clearly remember my parents getting one when I was young. I don't think it lasted all that long because by the time I was in junior HS we'd bought an avocado side-by-side. I thought it was the coolest thing ever!! I'm currently living with a kitchen that has a matching avocado stovetop, wall oven, and sink. All very 60s. They don't seem so cool to us now, but they've been going strong for more than 30 years.

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Don't know if anything will "replace" SS, as it's now one of the "Big 3" along with, well, white and black. But i do know that eventually it WILL look dated. Already, cherry cabs/black marble/SS appliances looks very 2000s.

I do think, however, that color will be the next trend, although I'd say the current hot look is custom paneled fridges and dw's, with a high-end range rather than SS all over. Personally I hate SS fridges and dw's; it works on ranges b/c the knobs/glass/burners break up all that metal. You might see a return to white, but in richer looking materials, ie heavier gauge steel, squarer lines.

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An interesting new kitchen in the latest HOME magazine was with stainless steel cabinets and white appliances. The designer specifically stated he wanted to do something modern but different than the usual SS appliances.

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This thread is a HOOT! Thanks for bumping it up.

A lowrider oven would definitely tempt me to buy a range, especially if it also rose on air shocks :)

My mother did her custom kitchen in 1965. People wander in all the time and say, "Oooh, I love your stainless steel appliances." And in 40 years her kitchen has never looked dated.

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Besides the Dacor Preference wall ovens that come in six different colors (Dacor Preference) there is also the new Oiled Bronze line from Jenn-Air (Oiled Bronze).

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Fascinating topic! I suspect before long more people will reject the "matching kitchen appliances" marketing convention (like "bedroom suites" & "cookware sets") in lieu of more personalized, functionally selective, aesthetically expressive choices. But then I predicted 30 years ago the trend would turn away from bigger-and-bigger houses back to more human-scale, easier-to-maintain, easier-on-the-pocketbook houses, at least by the time boomers got closer to retirement and didn't ostensibly "need" all that space for kid raising. After all, spending the afternoon in the local bookstore/coffee shop is a whole lot more fun than cleaning 4 bathrooms and vacuuming 3500 sq.ft., and spending a week in Italy a whole lot more enriching than heating a spare 2000 sq. ft. in winter. Yet all these decades later, ever-bigger McMansions are still dominating new construction and invading old neighborhoods. Fortunately, however, partly because of increased sensitivity to environmental concerns, there's renewed interest in decreasing individual footprints and searching for quality of life in lieu of super-sized consumerism. It's heartening to see interest waxing in simpler lifestyles and real food and for resources like the "Smaller Homes" forum here. But I digress....

I agree that white, black, and stainless appliances are so basic they're probably timeless. But colors are delightful and need not look dated if done with style rather than in accordance with cookie-cutter fashion dictates. And I see no reason why colors & finishes can't be mixed & matched, as long as it's done with a good eye for design. It all depends on what you're after. I think people (hopefully soon) will start thinking of kitchens as living spaces rather than extensions of appliance/cabinet showrooms, and increasingly start rejecting conventional assumptions and demanding more innovative options. What kind of "feel" do you want? Are you into gourmet cooking and want to emulate an intensive restaurant "line chef" kitchen? Then a mix of industrial-style stainless appliances fits the bill, probably with cabinets and flooring consistent with the look, including stainless pot racks. Are you into cottage homey and yearn for bookshelves and an overstuffed chair in the kitchen for sipping tea while planning the next meal or gardening adventure? Then a colorful Aga fits perfectly, complimented with lots of wood and copper and with other appliances hidden (in cabinets or with wood panels) or at least understated as much as possible to render them as invisible as possible (like black and stainless can do if handled right). Are you into Jetsons modern? Then sleek stainless and/or bright colors, celebrated as technological achievements and complimented with lots of chrome & glass (including glass cabinet doors) and pop-away thingies (like retractable vents) are just the ticket. Want a kitchen simpatico with the idea of a modern art gallery? Then one or more dazzling special-finish appliances coupled with, say, sleek ebony or ivory-colored cabinets, maybe something whimsically three-dimensional, and out-of-the-ordinary floor, wall, window, ceiling, and/or lighting treatments, might be the perfect counterpoint to artwork displayed in the next room. Want to recreate a period-consistent kitchen in your 1950s or 1890s house? Check out reproduction "statement" appliances from folks like Elmira Stoveworks and be sensitive with regard to decisions about other appliances (e.g., in 1950 refrigerators were white, in 1890 ice boxes were oak with brass hardware), cabinets and their location, sinks & counters, floor surfaces, etc. And so on.

Personally I think granite countertops have become trite too, but predict they'll never go out of fashion because they're so right for so many applications. I predict stainless will eventually be regarded a timeless countertop choice that transcends period and style.

Here is a link that might be useful: I suspect this little stainless stove ain't gunna look dated in its setting anytime soon, although an Aga Companion would look awesome in its place IMHO

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I really love threads like this. No facts, just Ouija boards.

I had an awful day to day (unusual) so tony, thanks for the giggle.

First of all, aubergine is about a year old. It was shown on the runway 2 years ago. Elle Decor had it as a wall coer months ago. It was in Crate & Barrel displays last year. Why it's new now is a mystery to me but sometimes it depends on where it's new. Where I live, they've moved on to emerald green. Lavender is the new neutral.

Second, a statement like "red goes with everything" is a hoot. It's a cliche in dining rooms already. Don't believe me? Just spend some time looking at pix on the Home Decorating forum. They've had red so long there they're looking for something else. Black dining rooms are currently big -- and black covers the red really well. I can count the red stoves (and they're usually burgundy) that I've seen in the past 5 years on one hand. It's a very strong color and most people aren't very brave when it comes to $3000-8000 investments.

Which brings me to the other funny stuff in the kitchen. Painting stainless steel? To which nothing adheres very well and into which nothing is absorbed. A bit like painting saran wrap. Hey, knock yourself out. Me, I'll buy factory painted or plain old dowdy stainless will do just fine.

As for airbrushing, we see that a lot on fingernails here. Still, they are managing to sell quite a bit of clear nail polish.

Meanwhile, whatever they're doing on the left coast doesn't involve much publishing. So as long as BH&G -- which is setting as well as following the trends -- continue to show white suburban kitchens with corbels and turned legs on islands, neutral stone tile backsplashes or (for excitement) a glass backsplash, that's what is creating the taste. All that's coming from Des Moines. Yessirree.

So thanks for the chuckle that brightened my day. The only thing better would be a link to a UTube vid of someone actually try to airbrush a ss dishwasher.

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Well, Wikihow does have some tips on painting stainless :) And the lowrider shops paint steel all the time :) I'm still hooked on the idea of a range with pinstripes, flames and afterburners :D

But seriously, the people who are buying high end ranges like Lacanche, Bluestar, and yes, Aga, have wonderful palettes to choose from. Some are getting basic black or red or stainless, but others are getting aubergine, ocher, or turquoise. And navy, russet, and moss for the less daring. So color may be the next thing (at least out of WLA), but I don't think it'll be the harvest golds of the past, but choose your own color type. After all if you don't like the paints offered by some high end cars you can get your swatch matched too!

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How long does a look last - we just finished our cherry/dark granite/SS kitchen and pasigal above says it is so 2000s! Our kitchen had lime green appliances and tile counter tops with think grout when we bought the house - I think the kitchen is from the 70s.

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My last kitchen was woodpaneled, chery, and ubatuba. I did it almost 10 years ago and it looks brand new, My new kitchen is chery stainless and lighteR granite just to change things up. When spending nearly 6 figures on a kitchen I highLy recoment the classic finishes. Stainless cherry and classic granite may not look CUTTING edge but you would have a hard time throwing a date on these kitchens. For my money ill take timeless over trendy any day. off coarse if you like doing a complete remodel every 7 - 8 years than I would definitely go withcolors how about neon blue? ssampath how silly you were to go with cherry/dark granite/SS! You fool, your house is now dated and unmarketable, who would ever want to buy a house with a CHERRY KITCHEN lol!!!!!

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BBC's 'Changing Rooms' was the first and best of the decorating shows. Home Depot and Lowes owes them more than we'll ever know.

But by the end of their run, they were 'fixing' the kinds of designs they'd pioneered at the start-- 8 years after painting a beige room red, they'd come back and paint it beige again.

And both times, seemed like an improvement. We humans are a fickle lot.

So, while white, black and stainless will always be out there, they will also be in constant rotation as to which is an 'Ahh!', an 'Oh?' or a 'Eeew!'

My Ouja board says that the wheel is laid out white-stainless-black-white, meaning next turn is black.

Black's turn lasts for what remains of the white cab cycle and stays for the blonde woods ['Still light but not so sterile, timeless' will be the mantra].

White appliances take over as the cabs go mid-tone wood [mantra: 'finally, a little warmth and richness, timeless'].

Then, stainless comes back as cabs get dark again [mantra: 'warm, but dramatic, timeless'], making white aps too contrast-y.

After that, the cabinetry goes back to white ['drama without darkness, timeless' goes the mantra], and stainless will seem a little... overdone.

Thankfully, not all of us will feel compeled to ride the wheel with every turn. We'll come on forums like this to ask where we can find a good refrigerator that goes with our cabs, and we'll be told 'that' color is sooo last decade.

But most people doing a kitchen will use what ever is at the top of the cycle at the moment, and will tell you that this is the one look they've always really and truely loved, and it has nothing to do with trends. Those other times were just... decorating. Didn't mean a thing, and besides, they'll never do it again.

They'll mean it, and beleive it, and it will be true... till the wheel turns again.

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My DH has said for the past couple of years that "stainless is the new avocado." I tend to agree with him that it's kind of been overdone, and totally agree with him that a lot of what is out there being sold as stainless to the masses is just cheapo. A quality stainless appliance should stand the test of time a little better than the low end "stainless" stuff- that just looks like cheap knock-offs. Most of my friends who have stainless appliances aren't able to (or simply don't) keep them fingerprint and smudge free and they look terrible most of the time.

I'm a classic white appliance girl. Look back through the ages and white never goes out of style. Boring? Sure, but functional and style can help overcome the color limitation. One of the main reasons we went white in our kitchen though was that it is a very small kitchen and stainless would just be too much for something that small. The white appliances make the tiny kitchen look a little lighter and more open. To me stainless is a trademark of a large gourmet kitchen- which I, and most of my friends, do not have.

I do have to admit to feeling a fondness for some red washing machines I've seen lately. I think one would look great in my black and white tiled laundry room. Alas my ancient Kenmore refuses to die...

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Stainless will be around for a good long time...I hate the fingerprints though.

Colors on refrigerators..I don't think so but, those SMEG's are pretty cute.

Blue and yellow LaCornue's are timeless. Oil rubbed bronze, not so much.

And the worst kitchen idea....tiled countertops = cleaning nightmare.

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LOL! Villandry, I feel the same way about stone. Tile=low maintenance, easy to clean. Stone=always worried. :)

Oruboris, I so agree with you, especially now that stainless is a color rather than a finish :)

'Course on the kitchen-with-no-vent I kind of assumed that I'd have to put in a stainless hood (which would look awful) and found out that powder coated was actually cheaper (and I knew I'd be ripping it out in a few years anyway). The cooktop, DW and oven, spread through the room are black, the fridge and freezer (on separate walls) which I brought with me are white, and the tile is white with yellow trim. I got a bright red hood to go with the huge poppy I painted on the adjacent blank wall, and everyone who comes in LOVES the red hood!

Then there's the new kitchen where I'll have ovens in whatever finish they come in, because that's the way they come and I'm buying for function, and a white/black/stainless cooktop because that's the way they come. If there were some way to get fabulous colors, I would :)

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If you plan on living in your house forever or at least until your next remodel, get what you want. But if you plan on selling your house colors on apppliances can turn off many potential buyers. It is rare that stainless will turn off many buyers. I certainly remember the olive greens and the yellows of the late 50's and early 60's which later turned off many potential purchasers. Stainless goes with any color scheme.

I admit I was quite tempted to buy the Jenn-Air black glass or white glass refrigerators. Now blackand white aren't likely to be as much of a turn-off as blue, fire engine red, etc.


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I'm at the opposite budget end from the Hollywood starlets who kicked off this thread with their colored appliances, but I am remodeling my kitchen with IKEA blue cabinets and SS appliances. Unfortunately, IKEA is phasing out their blue cabinets next year, as the US likes only the wood look.

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Oh my. I'm doing a kitchen in a 1926 home--stone counters will be White Spring or Sienna Bordeaux--Cabinets maple, kitchen fairly small, and I don't intend to ever remodel anything ever again.I like the "no maintenance issues" of white and the way they'll just sort of blend in with the white field of the stone but I'm afraid white appliances look hokey now. But in 10 years? 12 years? What do you think?

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Dreaming of The HEARTLAND Refrigerator in BLUE, White or any of their beautiful colors! And the same for the gorgeous AGA Frig. - might look wonderful in our new Kitchen with our Vintage Steel Cabinets! Like to find an EUC Heartland or AGA!
Do you have one of these Beauties and what color did you choose for Refrigerator? Really like to See your pictures! Do you think these Refrigerators are functional and reliable? One of these will actually fit into our Vintage Kitchen space! Thank you for Sharing you Ideas for our new, Vintage Kitchen, roseofblue

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in the near future - nothing!

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Stainless will always be mainstream. What changes are riffs on the basic design -- the doors get more squared and out to the edge, the knobs change from black to stainless, the shape of the handle morphs subtly. Manufacturing figures out some way to make it less expensively and Marketing "features" it.

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This tread is over 3 years looks like nothing is going to replace SS

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I didn't know you could even post on a thread from 2007. I thought Gardenweb closed them out or something.
Anyway, ditto to what Chopperace wrote. Also, check out the old Julia Child shows. She was using stainless appliances in the '70's. It hasn't gone out of style since, and isn't going to in the future.

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Oh, but I do wish this SS trend would end! I can't even look at an appliance without it being SS. Doesn't matter what store I go to - Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, local appliance store . . .

Seriously, some of us just want something different than SS and can't even see what that looks like.

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muffet - there are a few firms that offer appliances other than the same old troika of SS, Black and White.

Viking and Dacor have color programs for their ovens, dishwashers and fridges, Blue Star has colors too. SubZero has a few unique finishes in their line also.

Then, there is always the fully integrated route in which you can put any kind of panel you want on a fridge or dishwasher.

Lots o choices! Fact is, not a large segment of the buying public wants these items or more companies would offer them and homes would be full of rainbow kitchens and we'd be having a different conversation: "why can't appliances match better?"

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I enjoyed reading the original post, so I'm glad it didn't get dumped. I do like those bold colors and think an big blue Bertazzoni would be an awesome focal point in a kitchen.

But no, SS will always be king.

antss -- LOL!

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If your looking for colored or design panels you should check out appliance art. They have panels that attach over the front of your current dishwasher and other appliances.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have watched this thread go up and down and never clicked until now just out of curiosity. I think just saying "colors" is a bit of a cop out. I think today, black and gloss is pretty notable. White is a bit of a non-starter since we just got past the days of shiny white microwaves and such. Red is popular but contrary to stated fact in this thread, there are still some that would argue it doesn't go with their floors or rug. :)

I would have to go with copper as the next major trend. It's been out of the market for many decades which makes it a prime candidate for coming back. Many people are still recovering from the avocado phase which to many translates to painted. I don't know how many times I've heard, "I'd love a red (or some color) range but I'm afraid it's going to date my kitchen like avocado did."

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I'm going to suggest a something that is a little more out of the box than just "colors". With tech progressing faster than you can blink, I envision that in the not to distant future, LCD panels with the ability to either load or stream photos, television, 'puter, etc will grace the surfaces of appliances. Advertisers will kill for this, and I don't think it would too difficult to incorporate in appliances, cabinet fronts, etc. The small TV's on the front of some fridge's is just the start, I fear.

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Copper has been in the masse market for about a decade now and has no real penetration. Jenn Air has had a full line up for a while and Viking and or Dacor has offered copper accents for many years all to luke warm sale at best.

It's nice to have the choice though.

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Actually, I thought solarpowered was ahead of the trend with "wasy." Sort of a portmanteau for "way easy." I like it already.

    Bookmark   September 16, 2010 at 5:58PM
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Well, I am trying to decide between white and stainless steel. My double oven just died (GE profile, 14 years old) and given the age of my other appliances (also 14 years old) it seems appropriate to upgrade all appliances.

My problem is that I hate fingerprints. I also hate dents. I cook all day long but my kitchen has to be super clean and I don't think I can do this with SS.

Can someone please help me? Is it true that SS can be buffed out if scratched? If so, how can I tell if I am buying the real SS?

Currently, I am looking at the following in white -- but white limits my choices tremendously:

36" Cooktop - BlueStar, Viking (is Viking still reliable?), or Kitchen Aid
Double Convection Oven - Kitchen Aid (I keep reading about all KA problems and I am having 2nd thoughts, should I up my budget and get TurboChef? Anything in between worth considering?)
Dishwasher - Kitchen Aid or Miele
Microwave oven - will look for one only if I decide to go with SS -- current white GE profile works well and still looks new)
Refrigerator - have not looked into it yet but I cannot stand fingerprints. Do want a 72"H and a bit less deep than the one that I have which is 26.6cu ft GE profile, because I want a more 'flush' look.

So SS experts, anyway I can modernize to SS and not have to suffer cleaning or looking at scratches (I am careful but my children are not so much)? Or should I continue with white and be limited in high-end choices?

I really would like to stay within a $10-15k budget for appliances so I am trying to get the best bang for my buck. Any suggestions?

    Bookmark   December 30, 2010 at 12:47AM
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You should really start your own thread not bring back this zombie that is only tangetially related to your question.

    Bookmark   December 30, 2010 at 2:11AM
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deeagaux, in fairness to Sconway, this thread was revived (somewhat OT) just a few months before (s)he posted. I agree it's best to start a new thread, but I remember the old days of GW when newbies were admonished for starting new threads because new threads bumped valuable old threads off the face of the earth. :-o

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Try Gaggennau, stainless wall ovens with glass over top of the stainless. Knobs are sand blasted stainless and can take scrubbing.

They keep trying colors, they get a few suckers. Stick with white and stainless, and only if you HAVE TO.

People will keep buying these, try to sell their house and here the inevitable, "Well, add 10K for new appliances." Go with wall to wall carpetting that is also making a comeback.

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In a new home I will have freestanding 30"all refrigerator and 30" all freezer, in the color taupe, by Viking. Stunning color, cool design, interior not up to par with Miele, SZ but love the color so much I will end up sacrificing modern technology interior. Will not do matching range.... the frig/ freeze become more sculptural in nature not built in.
Is there anybody who likes their 2010 Viking fridge? Not the older ones please.

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If anything replaces stainless steel I think it will be greater appliance customization. Meaning customers will want to be able to choose the colors of their appliances to match the design feel they are going for, especially at the higher end of the spectrum.

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Nice to see this interesting thread revived.

I'm a fan of Snaidero, the Italian kitchen design company, and their recent designs show pretty much everything (except wall ovens) as being covered by panels of the client's choosing.

So I guess stainless is being replaced by "whatever the owner wants", the goal being a relatively consistent and seamless appearance to the kitchen.

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I'm not sure that I can predict what comes next, but if you follow the money you will find out.
Once stainless steel was available on Frigidaire Gallery and KitchenAid Architect series, and could be had by the riff raff, the rich started looking for something else to differentiate themselves from us mouth breathers.
I don't think colors alone are what's next, but the votes aren't all in. I've been looking at these segments as possibles:

Euro-tech: black glass with stainless trim. Low profile
Euro-monstrosity: AGA, and the French Ranges
Antique Americana: Rebuilt oldies but goodies

It doesn't have to make just has to be different from what you/we have.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I predict that appliance finishes will become the next great province of corporate brand exposure. It will start small, a little "Ben and Jerry's" logo near the freezer handle, perhaps. Or a "Jimmy Dean" etched into the meat drawer.

Then it will grow. Soon, our appliances will be festooned with advertising thicker than a NASCAR Champion's fender. There will emerge interesting and profitable cross marketing opportunities as pharmaceutical companies discover how closely our desire to feed ourselves is coupled to our desire for sex. Then every time we reach for a slice of cheese and a Pepsi we'll hear the "Viva Viagra" chorus or the annoying jangles of the "Cialis Daily" bathtub melody reminding us to take our pills.

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dreaming, i see anything flat, like a 3M product, as the next new thing used to cover appliances. Flat could be active electronically and optically.

The rim around induction cooktops could be replaced with a rim of "flat". This would help make it easier to countersink it into a cutout in the countertop.

A rim of flat could be added onto sinks, also countersunk, and the faucet controls could be integrated inside the silicone. Touch your rim here and there to get the changes you want.


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I believe the colors of 60s were Harvest Gold, Avocado, and Coppertone. I remember to buy one of the colors were more expensive that white. It amused me when white was THE color shortly after and it became more expensive. Got to love the trends. I personally like a combination of types but have yet to buy that red oven.

    Bookmark   January 23, 2011 at 12:24PM
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