Anybody waiting for thermodor zoneless induction cooktop?

135deepaJuly 11, 2012

Any info on when zoneless induction be available in appliance stores in US?

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I was in a store last weekend and the sales person had just come back from CA. He said it was very cool. I asked if it was available to order and he said yes.

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I'm waiting on winning the lottery so I can pay for it first.

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This appliance blog linked below gave most rediculous appliance awards.

3rd Place? Thermador zoneless induction aka Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop.

"It's hard to find something more ridiculous than a $5,000 induction cooktop. The Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop is further evidence that Thermador has been moving in the wrong direction. Cheap marketing gimmicks over substance, this cooktop boasts an entire surface of induction magnets, allowing you to place your pan (any size, so long as it's induction compatible) in any part of the cooking surface. Leave it to the engineers at Thermador to bring us a feature no one has ever asked for, while ignoring the many features we do ask for. While it's touch screen controls are very pretty, this cooktop brings nothing new to the induction technology other than a useless gimmick and a stratospheric price tag."

Maybe you can let him know there are people who asked for this?

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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There are some people who need no more than a paragraph to convey the urgent need to have them put down.

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I thought I read somewhere that it's coming out in July - so that would be any day now. While zoneless does sound wonderful to me, the $5K price tag, not so much.

AEG's 36" zoneless is available in Canada and much less expensive. Have you looked into that one?

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Something I think is funny: the Thermador zoneless only comes in 36" and I think a person who has only 30" for a cooktop would be the person who would benefit most. Two large pots on a 30" cooktop.

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margareta - You are so right! I could only fit in 30" and I really wanted zoneless. It would be so much better than any 30" hob arrangement out there. I think that's why they have a better selection of zoneless in Europe - smaller spaces require greater efficiency in design. If I had been able to fit a 36" cooktop, I probably would have gotten that AEG, though. Morgne has two, and she loves them.

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