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creekdwellerDecember 11, 2011

Here are some more things I have been working on.

ALL of your Decorations are Gorgeous!!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Creed...you've been busy! Love that pic of your big tree taken from above...very pretty! & that Santa w/the sole worn is cute, too! I made a jewelry tree in memory of my Mom which I've posted on here before.

Here's your tree, creed...love this whole vignette!

Here's my jewelry tree mostly done w/my Mom's jewelry & some of mine & a few pics...the trunk is my Mom/Dad when they were first married:

Thanks, Creed! Loved looking at your album! Jeanne S.

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Thanks so much. Your tree has a beautiful shape to it. Love the picture at the bottom.

Geeezz, I am tired. That's suppose to read a "few" more pics,

And "Creek" not creed.LOL

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Jeanne, Sants's shoe was like that when I took it out this year from storage. I started to glue it back and then I decided it looked like he may have really been doing his job.LOL

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Ohhh, I wondered when I saw you had signed as 'creed' ... & yes, Santa's shoe should be worn out! LOL! Merry Christmas, creek! ...and hugs to your Daddy, too! Jeanne S.

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LOL, Creek....when I saw "Fee" and "Creed", I figured you had been worn down from decorating. I understand that! Your Santa vignette is lovely, and I'm glad you didn't glue
his sole back together. It adds character and is perfect I think. The jewelry tree (yours too Jeanne) are wonderful. I've always admired them but never attempted one. But they are better with memories attached to them!

I am also sending hugs for you and your Daddy, and hoping you are doing ok.

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Marlene Kindred

Love your large tree and the way you took the picture! And your "jewelry" tree picture is awesome too! All of your decorations are just beautiful!

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Well I forgot to comment on how lovely everything is! Got sidetracked with the Santa vignette. LOL. Your HUGE tree takes my breath away. WOW!

hugs, Karen

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So many beautiful decorations. Your tree is STUNNING and love the white gifts under it too! That shot from above makes is look 15' tall. How tall is it? Wow, agree with Karen, Your HUGE tree takes my breath away.

And as Jeanne said love your whole santa vignette. Santa's shoe is a kick. What a great idea to leave it like that.

Love yours and Jeanne's Jewelery Trees. The picture of parents for the truck was a wonderful idea Jeanne. I should make one of those but would have to go find where I stashed most of DM's and DGM's jewelery.

I have so many pair of ice skates I had planned to paint on and haven't. Seeing yours makes me think I need to decorate them and enjoy.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful home all decorated for the season.


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Thanks everyone. It only took me & Hubs 2 wks to decorate it. Actually, it was not the decorating, it was the sorry lights. And I mean sorry! I bought all new lights at Wally World. Half a strand would work, and half would not. Then we would get them all on the tree and they would go out. *#@*&@#
So, I went to Fred's and bought lights. Same thing, Went to Dollar General, Same thing. So, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought lights, they are GE, made in OK, and all new cords and outlet plugs. Works right this minute! I did take all the bad ones back and got my money back. Even the manager at Dollar General, said he had bought some at Wal-Mart and had to take them back.LOL

Punk, I am a VERY TRUE THRIFTIER. I got my tree off of craig's list for FREE!! It is 15" tall. However, we decided it would be better to put it together in sections. Started at the top, lights and decorating b/c we knew it would be too tall to get to with out a ladder that tall. When we got ready to add the extra 3" section, it was too heavy for Hubs to pick up. So, we have a 12" tree.LOL
All things work out for the best, it was as tall as our fans anyway.

Thanks for all the thoughts for my Daddy. He seems to be better right now.

Speaking of Daddy, he gets up during the night and it has been havac for Hubs to get any sleep. So, he went on the net and found a pad that goes in the bed under him and when he starts to get up it alarms. So, by the time he has made it to the end of the bed Hubs has made it there to get him up. Best thing we have come up with so far, highly recommend.

Thanks Again Everyone and Keep Up All The Beautiful Work!!
Great Jobs!!


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