Building new house - one brand for all appliances or not

QwiklapJuly 11, 2013

I am building a new house and it will have the following in the Kitchen:

1. DW
2. Stand-Alone 36" French Door Fridge
3. Double wall oven
4.. Gas Cooktop (prefer 48" - but may be forced to go 36")
5. Built-in Microwave.

I will also have a wine fridge in a butler's pantry - although I plan to go with the Wine Enthusiast N'Finity pro 46 for that based on my experience (currently own one) and price.

I am faced with the question -- is it better to go with one appliance brand for the whole suite (like Kitchen Aid), or mix and match the best of each category. For example, my current home has the E-Lux double wall oven and I love it, and would buy it again in a second. I know Bosch DW's are highly regarded and would love to go that route. I also love the Kitchen Aid 48" cooktop with grill + griddle.

Thoughts? Does it matter if everything matches? Will it impact resale?

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I won't go in to your specific appliances, but will answer the part about making everything match.

Some people want that to be the case, to make it all match, but from what I see from my readings and personal experience on this site is that most people, myself included, feel that it is better to get the "Best in class", or best you can afford, for each category, rather than worry about making it match.

Obviously it all comes down to you and any other significant people in your life making this decision with you though.

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I used to think that having the appliances match was important, but have come to believe otherwise. When I got my new appliances, one of them had to be returned and I did not want it replaced with the same model due to the issues it had. If I had gotten it as part of a "matching set," I'd be in trouble. Besides, all of your new, matching appliances are eventually going to need to be replaced, and you will likely do that one at a time, rather than all at once. So they aren't going to match then, anyway. All black, or all stainless, or all white ... yes. All similar handles ... sure, why not, if it's possible. But all "matching" and from the same manufacturer ... not important.

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I third the motion - don't bother matching. Get the appliances you want. I believe in function first, looks second. Even in my old kitchen, my appliances never matched (older house, replaced as they died), so I didn't even know that was something to be desired. And I'm pretty sure no one walks into my house and thinks "Nice remodeled kitchen, too bad those stainless appliances are from different companies."

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In our build, we're going with...
E-lux Icon rangetop.
Frigidaire double wall oven.
Panasonic "built-in" micro.
Maytag sxs fridge.
Maytag dw.
LG w&d.

Selections made after painstaking research. Loads of value right there.

(Snobby cult members, I realize my food will taste like crap because it won't be cooked on a bluestar or wolf or capitol with eleventy billion BTUs, and none of my perishables will stay fresh because Maytag's 36 degrees F is vastly and demonstrably inferior to SubZero's or Liebherr's 36 degrees F; it's just a burden I'll have to bear.)

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I'd say definitely not. There's not any one brand out there that makes a superior product in every category of appliances.

In my kitchen, I have:

36" RNB bluestar range
Bluestar hood vent, 36"
Liebherr fridge, French door
Liebherr undercounter beverage fridge
U-Line undercounter icemaker
Asko dishwasher
Viking wall oven, 27"
Viking microwave

They all match aesthetically though. They all have a commercial, stainless steel look about them.

After using them all for a while now, in very pleased with the performance of all

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1) Bosch DW is a great choice a better one is Miele if you are willing to spend a bit more.
2) FD If you want an ice dispenser and use a lot of ice I would go KA but if you don't use that much ice I would get the Samung. If you don't want an ice dispenser at all and really like the look of the Electrolux I would get that one.
3) Electrlux wall ovens are an excellent choice.
4) They only make 48" rangetops not cooktops. If looking at rangetops Capital Culinarian or Bluestar RNB. If looking at 36" cooktops then Bluestar.
5)Built-in MW. Sharp drawer is best bang for your buck IMO.

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Get the best of each category.
Sometimes you can get a discount by going with one manufacturer, but decide if that is enough if you will be compromising performance over many years of use.
We did a mix of stainless steel & integrated appliances using panels that matched our cabinetry -- no problem with appearance. Handles don't have to match but should be compatible.
DW: Miele, gas range: DCS, induction cooktop & teppanyaki: Gaggenau, combi-steam oven & convection oven: Gaggenau, speed oven/microwave: GE Monogram, refrigeration: SubZero.
We installed these in 2007 & are very happy with all of them.

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