How do you decorate with photo Christmas Cards?

OakleyDecember 17, 2010

Call me Scrooge or the Grinch, I don't care. LOL. But I am soooo tired of receiving mostly photo cards at Christmas, (and most of them aren't even signed!) and not receiving the "Old-fashioned" cards with a pretty picture and a saying inside!

Most of these cards are from people I see all the time.

This sounds awful, but I don't want to hang pictures of people in my home! I can do that any time of the year!

Do you all hang the pictures, especially if 3/4 of the "cards" are pictures of your friends and family?

And whatever happened to "real" Christmas cards anyway? Am I alone in this, or I'm just too old-fashioned and need to get with the times? :) It's mostly younger people who do this. Even if they don't have kids.

I sound ungrateful, don't I? I love these people but I want a card because I frame some of them, and I love seeing all the Winter scenes.

Bah Humbug!

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Aww, Oakley, I'm one of those picture card senders (only my kids are in the pictures). BUT, I can totally understand where you're coming from. I love all those pretty cards too and thankfully get a few of them to display. I guess I have so few people to send cards out to and they're all family and close friends. Most we don't get to see very often...sometimes for years. I enjoy getting pictures of kids that I love and don't get to see often and I certainly put them up with my other cards that come in. Last year I found traditional cards that had a spot for a photo and I sent those out. I loved those cards and really enjoyed sending them out, but I have fibromyalgia and my hands were killing me after filling everything out by hand. Went back to the picture card this year and I really love how it came out. I hope all my recipients enjoy it too...

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Love them both! I hang the pic cards right with the "card cards" ... I'm happy to receive them cause it's probably going to become a "lost art" with the Internet ... Facebook & e-mail & Skype (which I love all of those, too)! ENJOY! & cast ol' Grinch away for a better day! or Scrooge, whichever! Jeanne S.

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I like both kinds of cards myself. If anything, my biggest disappointment is not getting a letter in a Christmas card. Even the much-maligned same Christmas letter to everyone is enjoyable to me, as I know how crazy and busy this time of year is for everyone. I love hearing how everyone's year has gone and enjoy their news. To just get a signed card is always a bit sad for me . . . a missed opportunity to reconnect with old friends and family far away.
I'm STILL working on our annual Christmas letter, which goes inside a beautiful New Mexican Christmas card. I print out the letters on our computer's printer, embedding several photos of us in it.

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Don't get me wrong, I love picture cards from those I rarely see. I love seeing how their children are growing up, and how the mom and dad are aging. lol.

But sending regular cards are becoming a lost art, along with letter writing. Letter writing I understand, because of the Internet.

Most of my picture cards were unsigned and just stuck in an envelope. Huh?

This has been bothering me ALL afternoon!

Don't take this the wrong way anyone, but Christmas is about Christ, not us. So not seeing a Christmas card isn't CHRISTmasy to me.

When did sending out cards become about us and not Him?

Not receiving many "cards" has taken part of my Christmas away. I used to look forward to seeing cards people picked out, from the funny one's to the more serious.

And how I loved hanging them on garlands in the living room!

Maybe I should start a Real Christmas Card Club. lol.

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My favorite is a friend who slides them under the glass on the coffee table in her den. Her version of hanging it on the 'fridge. I save them all in an envelope, by year. When a good friend's son got married, I put them all in a little album for his bride-to-be. She loved it.
Lynn, I'm another fan of Christmas letters. I love them.
Oakley, I've heard that complaint before, but never had enough of them to mind. That is, until this year. More than half are just stuck into a pre-printed envelope, with nothing more than a typed name. Such a disappointment.

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I really need to get over it. lol. I remember this time last year how upset I got because of hardly any cards, just pictures.

I have all of two "real" Christmas cards. Which shelf should I put them on? hee hee.

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I agree with you, Oak. I the cards that contain a letter with some photos to see like you mentioned. But I have always loved cards, silly cards or pretty cards. And just knowing someone took the time to pick out the card and write a few lines always has meant a lot to me. The cards with the name imprinted on them, and the photo cards seem to say "we're too busy for this". In fact, both my DD and my DDIL do the photo cards because they ARE extremely busy. I do understand that being the case these days. I just don't have to like it. LOL.

Like Bleigh said, sometimes its physically hard to sit and do a stack of cards properly. Or at least the way I want to do them, with a short personal note and not just a signature. I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even do my cards this year. I'd bought a box of them several weeks ago, and then with the decorating taking 3 wks and now Dad this week, the box just didn't even get opened. I sent a special one to my MIL in FL as we always do, and one to my very best friend in the world in OK. But looks like no one else is even getting a real card from me this year. I feel terrible about that.

hugs, Karen

I think a lot of folks have stopped sending them, maybe the economy? I've only gotten a few this year myself.

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I do spend alot of time on my photo cards...much more than choosing cards at the store. We work really hard on the photos and then choosing the design can take me a long time. Some people really can put alot of effort into those even when there is no handwriting included. I just didn't realize this could be a big issue with folks. My DH loves cards and stationary (along with pretty dishes) so maybe next year, I'll work on the photo to include in real cards that he fills out. Hey, he INSISTS on wrapping the gifts so I'm sure he won't mind me giving him one more task : ) .

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Wow, this is interesting. I can remember DM spending alot of time writing letters and sending cards. I have never sent alot of cards. I remember sending pictures on cards of our new cabin 30 years ago. We invited everyone who received one to come and join us for some fun there.

I have several rocking chairs DM and I crocheted using some of our cards and they are still precious to me. I think the computer has taken over sending cards for alot of people.

Seems like years ago Christmas was the only time some heard from family and friends for the year. Now I email several times a month so keep in contact that way.

I can understand why you wouldn't want alot pictures of people you see all the time if they are not family or close friends. However, I love the idea that Nancyjean came up with by passing them back later.


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I agree with most of you on many points; it's a lost art, everyone's busy, it can be expensive, and time consuming and on and on. I too enjoy receiving a Christmas letter, and I love a beautiful card. A best friend and I make our cards during her multiple visits to my home during the year; some years we have an original design, and other years, we just recycle cards we've received, so both of us love receiving a hand made card. Of course, it's much less expensive just to buy boxes of cards, but we enjoy the process of making them and visiting while we're at it. I don't mind the Christmas photo cards, but I think this is the first year we've received them without any writing on them--not even their names or anything. But it's definitely a different world we live in these days, and I guess I'm just behind the times.

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I guess because I live away from most of our family, I feel differently. I really enjoy the photo cards from my nieces and nephews and cousins. That's how I keep up on how much their children are growing! I display all my Christmas cards including the photo ones on the coat closet door in the entryway. My son and DIL like to stop and look at them when they come over since they don't get cards from those family members. Yes, Christmas is about Christ, but it's also about love for our family and friends. I love hearing from them no matter what form it comes in, and I appreciate the fact that they took the time to send them to me! ;o) Luvs

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The thing about photo cards, even from people I don't see IRL very often, is I do see their pictures online. Either with Facebook, email, or they might have a shutterfly account and let me look at their pictures.

I don't think it's the economy, a box of cards would be cheaper than making them, IMO. Stamps are the same amount, aren't they?

I never thought I'd live long enough to see the day when Christmas cards went out of style. They need to re-write "I'll Be Home For Christmas" and other songs. LOL

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Maybe we get excused from the photocards b/c we're not on facebook?? I don't usually email photos or invite others to our online hosting either. Even though we're both under 40 (I'll be 35 Monday) we're still old fashioned in alot of areas, so family and friends don't get to see our lives online.

I never thought of making my own cards. Wonder if the girls and I could work on that project over the course of the year. Would be so much fun...DH would still have to write them out though.

I too am wondering if the economy has just slowed down the card sending. The stores seem to have more left over this year and I've not received but just a handful. We don't usually get alot of cards, but much more than what what we have now.

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I think it's a generation thing. For me, the people who send the photo cards are the one's with children still at home. Those my age and older send the other type of cards.

Truth be told, I find it "bragging" when we do that. BUT..........I did the same thing! lol. I would always insert a picture of my boys inside the Christmas card. Because MY boys WERE the cutest on the planet! My friends and family did the same. So it was a special treat to get both a card and a picture.

I'm just afraid that my grandkids will never experience the joy of sending and receiving an old-fashioned Christmas card because it will be a dead tradition by then. I find it incredibly sad. :(

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oakley - I think you are mistaken if you think it is not an effort to take a picture and have it printed, put in a card, etc. It is an ordeal of proportions I will not elaborate, to get a decent pic for the yearly Christmas card. I shot 50 pics to choose one to use in our yearly card. I won't tell you how I got my dogs to cooperate tho. LOL I send photos every year that insert into a regular Christmas card. I know my friends and family love getting the photo cards, because I always get a call or a note after they receive them. Would they bother to call or write if they didn't like the card? Hmmm.

Of course, this year, the pics is of the dogs;=). Who doesn't love a dog picture?

I am just glad to still get cards in this era of internet and social networking!

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This is only one of my photos I used as my Christmas cards this year. Others were of my garden under snow, the orchard, ect. I compose a holiday greeting or poem for each or find a nice quote online and print it inside. On the reverse, I print a title and the date. This is all done on my HP printer, printing on card stock, making a half fold card. Took awhile to figure out how to turn and insert the paper to get the inside text in the right spot and on the reverse. But I sign my name by hand, and usually write a little extra greeting. Also try to match the photo with the person, I know pretty much what they like.

I put this particular one into a red envelope.

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