Looking for kitchen & laundry appliance recs

pschwartzJuly 6, 2013

We bought a fixer upper and are going to be replacing all of the appliances. I've started to do research and am now at the point of wanting to pull my hair out! A lot of the top rated appliances on consumer reports get TERRIBLE user reviews. So, I'm turning to my fellow appliance snobs...can you please recommend your appliance?

I've listed out the general direction I'm going with each...but still open to being influenced one way or another! Trying to go mid-range with price (so please do not recommend your Sub-Zero!) I am willing to spend more if the performance will really stand out. I am not willing to spend more just to get a designer name.

Washer/Dryer: I'm leaning towards a top loader HE & Gas dryer. LG 5070 & 1101 both top rated but user reviews say they don't clean well. I don't want an HE front loader, had one before & don't like.

Fridge: Bottom freezer w/ french doors. Don't really need water/ice dispenser. Anyone have the Kenmore Elite 72903?

Oven/Stove: Want gas 5 burner, slide-in stove, open to separate range/stove, convection, I love to cook/bake so this is the one piece I'm willing to spend a bit more for. Thinking about Bluestar...

Dishwasher: Already know what I'm getting (Miele)

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Going mid range with Miele dishwasher? LOL

The reason HE works well and has worked for over 50 years in Europe is because the drum is horizontal. Getting one of these new HE top loaders is a bad idea IMO. Yeah they don't clean well:)

If you put a gun to my head and made me buy a top loader I would buy a Speed Queen. Old school American Made washer and gas dryer. As close as you can get to a workhorse 1962 Whirlpool Washer and Dryer that cleaned well ,dried well, and kept going with minimal repair if any for 25 years. Speed Queen is what most laundromats use.

French Door I think Kenmore Elite is an LG product. Prefer Samsung. Top FD fridge according to JD for last five years.
Samsung RF323TEDBSR $2339 with free ship.

Range It is cheaper to buy the rangetop and oven as a single unit. 30" Bluestar ranges have 4 burners and 36" ranges have 6 burners. American Range Performer Series also has powerful open burners and ovens that take full size commercial baking sheets but around $1k less. Also made in the USA.

Here is a link that might be useful: Samsung Link

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