Collateral advantages of good ventillation

aliris19July 7, 2012

I thought I'd started a thread about this already but can't seem to find it. That old one, as I recall, had a post with photoshopped monkies flying up the vent too ... where'd that go?

So ... I'll start another thread; sorry. There's also this back there but it doesn't seem to have the monkies:

Issue: What inadvertent advantages have you stumbled across to having a powerful ventilation system? I ask this as one who wasn't in the slightest convinced that any at all was necessary, much less one that cost as much as an appliance (yes, I know, it *is* an appliance).

Here's what I've found, with the most recent listed first:

(1) Sucks away fruit flies like a charm. Really!

(2) Enables sob-less onion-cutting

(3) Quiets those noisy smoke alarms placed waaaay up high on a cathedral ceiling (what was I thinking) that seem to go off sometimes seemingly of their own fancy.

(4) Doesn't in fact annoy the annoying neighbors, ordinarily annoyed by every little thing -- I was worried the noise would bother them. With an in-line muffler ours, at least, is *far* less noisy than their pool pump! ;) So -- advantage here is it does not tick off the neighbors.

And you? What collateral benefits have you discovered from your kick-ass hood?

Oh, here's:

(5) No mysterious coating of sticky, filthy, smelly grime coating every surface in the kitchen. Who knew?

I post this because periodically others as clueless as I to the evidence of why they would like a good ventilation do post - I thought this might help.

Do you suppose those fruit flies get sucked to the outside unharmed, even? That would be best of all! Not that the world really needs more fruit flies, but who knows?

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Can't answer you on the fruit fly question, but reading this post makes me pretty darned excited to see and experience the Trade-wind that's been ordered, especially the #5 aspect!

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>>>(4) Doesn't in fact annoy the annoying neighbors

Not necessarily a plus - if I had an annoying neighbor, I'd do anything I could to annoy them :-)

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Weissman ... well, except when they're annoyed, then they get mad at you and then you spend -- make that "I" spend oodles of time fretting in my mind and really, in the long run, it's better to let sleeping dogs lie. Unless you're prepared to be meaner than they are, that is! ;)

Doesn't everyone have an annoying neighbor? Long ago I noticed a preponderance of annoying neighbors far in excess of the number of, say, annoying residents leading to my development of this truism: 'Everyone needs to feud with at least one neighbor'. I can't tell you how many times I've heard someone extoll the moral virtues of person A only to turn around and hear from person A's neighbor that they are a menace. A light bulb went on and I realized that neighbors seem to like to just scratch claws on one another a little bit independently of much else. The math just doesn't add up to any other explanation ...

Anyway, good thing you don't have an annoying neighbor, Weissman, or you'd quickly find yourself in a really unpleasant situation, I think!

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I used to have an annoying neighbor and I learned how to be meaner than they were :-)

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