marble threshold dilemma

budge1August 10, 2007

I want to put a carrara marble threshold at the entrance to the bathroom between the tile and hardwood. The tile is almost 3/4" higher than the hardwood.

I've been quoted $95 from one place that will cut me a piece and bevel the one edge. I have to install.

Another place will order it in premade with just a slight bevel on both edges for about $25.

Is it worth the extra cost to get the better bevel? Will we forever be tripping on a 3/4" lip or will it be unnoticeable? Thoughts?

And why on earth is it so difficult to get such a thing at all? Bill V. has mentioned several times that a marble threshold should be readily available everywhere, but all the stores I called (from big box to specialty) had never even heard of such a thng let alone carry it (except the 2 places mentioned above).

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Home Depot carries them right in the tile department! (I never bother calling them, I always get idjits who were working in the paint department last week and the garden center the month before that on the phone.) What's wrong with these people you're talking to? I wonder if they call it something else - some people call them "saddles" - where you are. I think you would want something called a "Hollywood" saddle/threshold to span two different height floors, it is more tapered on one side. I swear to you I have seen them at Home Depot in Carrara, Botticino, and this weird pink marble that went out in 1978. :-) Go there and look instead of calling, and I'll try to get over there this afternoon and get you some SKUs.

I've never tripped on my threshold, and I can "trip on a line in the linoleum" as my mother would say. It's substantial enough that I can see it and step on/over it. It's a standard 3/4" threshold and it protrudes a little over 1/2" above both the tile and the carpet.

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Thanks so much johnmari. But honestly, I really don't think they have them here. We went to home depot yesterday to look for ourselves and couldn't see any.

We are way up here in small city Canada and for some reason don't seem to stock teh same marble bproducts. Our HD's didn't have carrara 12x12 tiles either unless you special ordered them.

I think I may order the $25 if you don't think trippping is a factor. The only reason I'm hesitating is that the staff at this tile store is so incompetent I hate to give them my business. They ordered our floor tile wrong among other things and when I called to ask about the thresholds I get this

her: no we don't have anything like that
me: could you make me one
her: huh, I wouldn't know about that
me: do you htink I could speak to someone that would know?
her: I'll see

And sure enough they can order me one - almost dumber than HD.

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I wasn't able to get to HD today (traffic was a nightmare! took me over an hour to make a trip that I can usually do in 35) but since you're in Canada I'm not sure our SKUs would be of any use anyway.

I'm not sure I would risk dealing with the tile store full of morons if they are as bad as you say - unless you are really hurting for money and have the time and patience to deal with potentially having to reorder the item (since they botched your previous order, you know they have a record of screwups), I'd go with the other company. (Is there any way you can physically go to any of these other stores, though, with a photograph of what you want? The old "picture can be worth a thousand words" cliche, y'know!) Since you have flooring on one side that is 3/4" higher than it is on the other I do think the tapered threshold would be more attractive if you can manage it.

However, you do have another option, if you're willing to go there... you CAN use a wood threshold if you like, stained or prefinished to match your hardwood flooring, and it will look very nice. I mean, let's be reasonable here, how often do you have floods in the bathroom (and with the tile floor 3/4" higher than the wood, the standard 3/4" thick marble threshold wouldn't do you any good anyway in holding back water as was its traditional use)? You would want something called a "reducer", which if made for standard 3/4" thick wood flooring, is about 3/4" thick on the wide side and tapers down in a gentle curve or shallow angle to nothing. of a bamboo version (just because that was the best picture I could find) of the curved one, and they can be had without the groove in the wide side. Here's , which could actually be fabricated on-site without too much hassle if a table saw with an angle-able ;-) blade is available. You might need to fill any gap between the wood and the tile that might have been left for the marble threshold to fit into with a scrap of exterior-grade plywood so that the reducer strip has a nice solid base to sit on. If you carefully predrill and face-nail the reducer molding in place, filling any nailholes with matching filler and caulking the seam between the tile and the molding, instead of using construction adhesive as is sometimes recommended for these things you can pry the molding back up and replace it if you needed to for some reason. (We had to take our threshold moldings up and re-set them when we redid the kitchen floor and thank goodness I warned the hardwood installers we were going to be doing that as we would have had to buy new and expen$$$ive matching moldings.)

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Johnmari, you have once again gone beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much.

The wood threshold was actually the original plan and my GC is supposedly making me one - although it's been a few weeks since this promise.

The reason I want the marble is purely aesthetic. Our room is so small, I think the marble will expand the floor rather than truncate as the wood would. It would also tie in nicely with the vanity top. Thoughts?

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