What oven mitt for 1850 degree infrared broiler?

cstleddyJuly 11, 2012

I love my Capital Culinarian and have been using the broiler pan to make Ruth's Chris style filet mignon. Fabulous! However, I'm going through the oven mitts!

Last night the mitt I used (Kitchen Grips Euro Oven Mitt - good to 500F) melted to the broiler pan. I'm glad I got my hand out quickly.

Silicone gets hot.

Terry seems to work the best, at least it doesn't melt, though it does get a little browned.

What are you using with your infrared broiler?

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I have a different range, but I pull out the rack the broiler pan sits on halfway out of the oven, to rearrange its contents. The edges of the rack are always much cooler than the pan itself.

Mind you, I have gone through many more pot holders with a pro-style range than I did with my previous wussy Kenmore.... The best, most insulating and heat-resistant material for oven mitts and pot holders, is wool. I've never seen wool ones for sale anywhere, but as my name indicates, I am quite capable of making my own.

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If you want security when handling temperatures this high, consider welding or blacksmith's gloves. They are made of leather and are safe even in flames. We used these with a wood stove. I've worn them when putting logs directly into a roaring fire. They are bulky so you may not find them comfortable, but they do work in high heat.


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Going with what Jade said what about a grill glove, again most good ones are made of leather, but are more for "cooking" type of applications than a welders glove, and might be easier for you to find also.


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I don't have my infrared broiler yet... (about ten days more and it'll be live!) but I plan to use welding gloves as I have been doing for all of my high-heat grilling (where silicon also gets way too hot!) I find that Black Stallion makes great welding gloves (for IR broiler, go for MIG rather than TIG, as the former has heat shielding/padding on the back-of-hand part, whereas TIG gloves do not). Stick welding gloves provide the absolute highest heat protection, but are more heavily padded so you sacrifice dexterity there.

For you female high-heat cooks, I have recently started using and highly recommend Angelfire (Black stallion's women-geared welding line) MIG gloves and love them. They are a lot less cumbersome than the regular welding gloves, and are nicely tailored to a woman's hand.

Be safe... :)


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I have a pair of neoprene gauntlets that I use to handle the fire box on my outdoor smoker. But I don't use it for my broiler. For my broiler pan, I just use a pair of SS tongs. When the steaks are about done, I just use the tongs to angle the pan so the corner is out of the heat. By the time the steaks are done, the corner is cooled enough to handle and I can easily pull out the pan by the corner with either a pot holder or a folded kitchen towel. I also use sizzle platters under the broiler. I that case, I just handle the platter with the tongs. I use the tongs to slide the rolling racks in and out too. Love them tongs.

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Thanks for the suggestions.
I think the Euro mitt (good to 500F) is neoprene and the seams melted together. Not tragic, but I paid good money for them so I don't want to totally ruin them.
I've also used tongs to assist.
Once I had a free/promo glove from Pyrex that I didn't mind ruining. Unfortunately, the printed logo instantly melted onto my broiler pan. I had to wait until the pan cooled and the paint/ink/print became brittle enough take a paint scraper to chip it off. I'm ruining gloves and broiler pan.
I've not looked into the welder's gloves. That seems to be the answer.
It's important that I get the whole broiler pan out from under the infrared as any residual food or grease can get seared into the metal. Otherwise, I'd just leave the pan in there to cool. The infrared is awesome!

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Nothing available today beats asbestos gloves for heat insulation. I remember using them in chem lab in the 1970s. The only problem is that they may kill you.

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My bother uses a wooden stick with a notch cut in it to pull or push the rack from under the broiler. The broiler pan's temp drops so you can use heat pads

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Tucker Nomex Burnguard Plus Mitts. They are rated to 900 degrees.

I have used the less beefy conventional mitts for years and they're the best oven gloves out there, er, hands down.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tucker Burn Protection Products - Oven Mitts

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