Scratches on Induction

bogeyscoutJuly 5, 2012

Do any induction owners have scratches on their tops? I have done a few searches and most of the posts I have found on this subject are older. My KD had been told by an appliance saleperson that they scratch easier than a standard electric cook top. We are pretty sure that we want to get an induction top but we do like to use cast iron. I know people talk about using silpats underneath and also to use the recommended cleaner and that helps prevent the scratches.

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I have had mine for several months and no scratches.
It is glass and class can scratch, but I don't think easily.
When I use my le creuset, the bottoms are either enameled or they have a nice coating on them (the really old le creuset bottoms were pure cast iron and they are seasoned from years of use). When I use a pure cast iron skillet with rough bottom and not enough seasoning on it yet, I just slip a piece of newspaper or parchment or a paper towel....easy clean up and no contact to the glass to scratch it.

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I've had mine for 6.5 years and have no glass scratches although the stainless frame has developed some "patina". Glass is hard to scratch whether the underlying heating element is a magnet or not, steel is softer. I don't do anything special for protection or cleaning. "Multi-surface" cleaner for daily cleaning and cooktop cleaner when it develops a film every 1-2 months. I definitely don't use Silpats or paper towels.

Glass is glass and there is absolutely no reason why this type of cooktop should scratch more readily vs. any other glass top or porcelain. However, even if it did scratch as easily as the stainless steel frame, I'd still choose induction

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There isn't any reason for the glass on an induction cooktop to scratch more easily than any other glass cooktop. Something to be careful of is random grains of salt or sugar on the cooktop--if you slide your pan over salt, it will cause scratches, no matter what glass top you have. I also use parchment when I'm using an older cast iron pan with a rough bottom.


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Thanks everybody. You are making my decision easier!

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And worst case scenario...if there would ever be a scratch, what is the big deal?
As someone pointed out, the traditional gas stoves with stainless/cast iron either have rust spots or scratches and they continue to work just fine.
My cooktop is on an island with too many windows bringing in the reflection off the ocean with bright it makes it doubly easy to wipe and make it shine; I don't think a scratch would detract from it should it develop.

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They're all made from the same Schott Ceran, aren't they? Mine has been in 10 months, and nothing noticeable yet.

Some salespeople seem to be anti-induction (and unknowledgable). When I first started looking around kitchen design places, one guy told me I didn't need induction, I'd be just as happy with a regular radiant electric cooktop. Poppycock! Induction rocks, as someone said elsewhere.

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