Faucet on the exterior walls question

dimadAugust 21, 2013

I'm getting a new freestanding bathtub and it needs to be installed along the exterior walls (2x4 and vinyl siding). The bathroom faucet will be installed on that exterior walls and I was wondering if I should be concerned with any code violations or with freezing. The rest of the pipe lines are running under the floor. I am in Massachusetts. I appreciate any input.

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I can't speak to MA but we were not allowed to do exterior-wall plumbing in Maryland in an addition, so I would DEFINITELY check before you have it done.

It put a real kink in our remodel plans! Had to put it on the inside wall in the end - still liked the original plan better but it would have failed the inspection.

It may also be different if it's an existing bathroom / plumbing vs new space so that's something to check too.

Hopefully your plumber or contractor doing the replacement would know? I'd just rather be safe than sorry!

Best of luck!

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You can't put plumbing in an exterior wall. It will freeze. You could do an in the floor type standing set. Something like this. There are lots of styles around. This one is an Axor brand (Hansgrohe)

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Here's another one from Axor, the Montreux. The previous post is the Axor Urquiola.

This is one is rather old fashioned looking. I have the wall mounted sink faucet and a wall mounted tub filler in this line and I love it.

Standing Montreux tub filler:

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