GE Induction range: freestanding versus slide-in

studioksrJuly 23, 2013

I have been researching and reading for months and obsessing over my first induction range to replace a freestanding gas range. Narrowed it down to GE PHB925STSS or GE PHS925STSS. (earlier candidates were Electrolux and Kitchenaid)

My current gas range is freestanding located in between two cabinets. My backsplash is all tile, and I prefer the look of the slide-in. I also think that I would prefer having the controls in the front so I don't need to reach over hot pots to adjust cooking temperature. I am accustomed to front controls with my gas stove and I frequently make temperature adjustments.

I am pretty sure we can make a slide-in fit, but I read something about slide-ins needing to add a fan to cool the oven, and that it can be noisier.

I have two questions:
1. is a slide-in noisier than a freestanding for oven (or cooktop) use?
2. Is there any reason that reliability of one style over the other would differ?

Answers to my questions, or your experience with either of these ranges would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to add anything else you think I should know that might affect my decision. Thanks!

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Both of these ranges have a 100 watt hob that I think is rather useless.

The slide-in has a reasonable 3700 watt power hob but the free-standing has a meh 2400 watt power hob. Sometimes free-standing ranges have ovens that vent up top over the cooktop. Both of these vent over the oven door. I don't know of any reason why one style would be noisier or have better quality than the other.

Samsung NE597N0PBSR has a 4600 watt power hob and it's least powerfull hob is 2300 watt, almost as much as the free-standing GE's power hob. For $1700. All things considered I would rather have a GE oven than a Samsung one but the power of the cooktop and price are compelling.

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thanks for the reply. I started looking at Samsung, but overall reliability after a lot of reading ruled that one out.

As far as I can tell, both GE's have the same cooktop rating. here are links to both:

If I am misreading the specs, please let me know! I would not want to lose the 3700 watt hob.

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You are right on the hob rating.

I looked at and they have it wrong.

Usually they are accurate and their website is so easy to use.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Here's my additional 2 cents worth from having looked pretty hard at both of the GE ranges last fall when I was stove shopping.

First, on noise -- are you asking about cooktop noise or noise from the cooling fans for the electronics?

If the latter, the reports here are that both the freestanding and slide-in stoves have cooling fans for the electronics but neither has been especially noticable. Some of the earlier Samsung FTQ induction ranges did have a problem with their fans being noisy and running for a long time. (That was supposedly fixed and I ahven't seen any such complaints about on the current NE59x models.) Also, I've seen complaints of noise in some KitchenAid slide-ins after KA/WP upgraded the electronics cooling fans to deal with the spate of board failures during or as a result of oven self-cleaning. Found nothing like that on the GE induction ranges.

If, on the other hand, you mean cooktop noise as in buzzing, humming, ringing, etc. while pans heat up, the answer is that, so far, the answer is there is no difference between the slide-in and freestanding GE models.

As for the question of whether the reliability of the slide-in will differ from that of the free-standing, it is too early to really know. The stoves haven't been on the market long enough. In theory, having the electronic controls at the front of the slide-in is a location that puts them where they might get more oven heat than the higher backsplash mounted boards in the feestanding version. Especially during high-heat oven self-cleaning. Also, you might be more likely to spill hot liquids etc. onto the front mounted electronic control panel. Back in the old days (three decades ago when the first round of induction stoves were being sold here in North America), spills on cooktop control surfaces could cause problems. Not sure how much of a problem it is with current touchpads style of controls. A lot of drop-in induction cooktops have them and I haven't seen a lot of reports about failures. so that might not be the problem it used to be.

But what I've just said is concern about risk, however, not experienced based predictions. So, at this point, we just do not k now the answer to your question about long term reliability.

Some other points.

Oven vents: both the slide-in and the freestanding vent the oven in the back of the cooktop. The slide-in has a low "island trim" kind of vent, like the ones the GE Cafe ranges. I was told but was not able to verify) that the low and thin backguard for the Cafe stoves can be used with the induction slide-in if you want something to keep things from rolling off the stove stop behind the stove. Apparently it is possible for things on the stove top to fall into the low oven vent grate. There was a thread here last winter where that happened to somebody with one of these stoves. We explained about CMPFs (flexible projecting grabbers) which he got from the hardware store and retrieved whatever little thing had fallen in there.

On the front of the slide-in is another vent which is the exhaust for the control board cooling fans. The parts diagrams can be confusing and make it seem like these might be for the oven. This issue came up last winter and was sorted out (with photos and parts diagrams) somewhere in that long thread that fauguy started on the GE slide in.

As far as anybody here has been able to tell, there doesn't seem to be any apparent difference between the freestanding and slide-in as far as oven and stovetop performance go.

There is a bit of a difference between them in the usable space on the cooktop with the slide-in being a few inches shallower than the freestanding. This seems counterintuitive, But here's what I figured out in my stove shopping expedition. The usable cooktop surface on the freestanding range is 29 7/8 wide and about 22" deep (from the front of the cooktop to the point on the back where a stockpot would butt up against the backsplash. (This is my recollection of the one I measured in a store about a year ago, so you might want to verify this because my memory may be faulty.)

On the slide-in, the cooktop surface is 31,25 inches wide and 19-inches deep. (Got that figure from the GE website in the Q&A). Of course, you know that the slide-in's stove body is actually 29 7/8" wide but the cooktop is designed to overhang the counters to the sides and so is a little wider. The depth of the cooktop glass is 19 inches from the front edge of the oven vent at the back of the stove to the back edge of the control panel framing on the front of the stove. (Yes, I know that both stoves are deeper, but we're talking about the cooking surface, not the entire stove body.) Those front and rear frames limit how pots can overhang to the front or back and thus limit how many big pans you can put on at one time. If you get a 12" frying pan with flaring sides --- and by the way, you do know that the base of those kinds of pans is typically around 9 to 10 inches and that the 12"measurement is the diameter across the top of the pan? --- you might not have any problem with overhang ont he slide-in. The pans may be high enough and flared enough to that they don't hit those frames. But a larger pan with straight sides might not fit, particularly when you have two 12" fry pans on the front burners,.

The freestanding gives you a bit more leeway.

If you need/want the leeway.

THis is the kind of small thing that some folks find important and that others could care less about.

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I have the slide in GE Profile induction range - and I love it. I have baked in it, used the probe for roasts, chickens and a turkey (fabulous), and just did the first self clean cycle, for 3 hours, last week. I've have this range for about 3 months now, and I am very happy with it. The elements all cook very well, the "buzzing" noise that comes on when you first heat up the element and put your pan on is so faint, and lasts for less than a minute or two is no big deal. I also had some worries about possibly spilling soup etc. onto the front electronic panel, but it hasn't happened yet, and hopefully it won't!

The oven itself is quite large, and I also love the warming oven below - comes in handy when cooking for a crowd, IMHO eliminates the need for double ovens.

I love the look of the slide in - I have a beautiful maple hood that matches my cabinets, and put in a gorgeous glass textured backsplash, which shows better when you have a slide-in. The slide in look is clean and modern, IMHO. I did a lot of research before buying my new applicances, and I would not hesitate to recommend this range.

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I have granite counters and backsplash, so that is the main reason I would get the slide in unit over the freestanding. I currently have a GE Profile freestanding radiant range for about 8 years, and don't like how the control panel covers so much of the granite backsplash.

Both the GE Induction units have cooling fans that circulate air over the induction circuitry. I haven't heard anyone say it was loud or too noisy.

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